Not Me Mondays are my favorite!

I like them so much, I recently had our MOPS Steering Team share their Not Me moments as an introduction to the whole group MOPS group at our first meeting! It was so fun! We’re all human and definitely NOT perfect, so why not laugh about it?!

So, if you need a good laugh today, head on over to MckMama’s marvelous blog carnival to read everyone’s Not Me moments!

So let’s see…

It was not me who had a wonderful evening pigging out on junk food and watching movies with my husband that probably resulted in five pounds added on to my mid-section. And it was totally NOT fun. We only eat health food around here so that couldn’t be me.

And it was not me who decided we needed to run to Target (which is a good 20 minute drive from our house) as a whole family after 5:00 p.m. just to get a few things and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. No, I wouldn’t do anything like that so close to dinner.

And while picking apples together as a family, I did not let my son carry around slightly rotten apples just because it kept him happy to have an apple in each hand at all times.

I never tell my son that he needs to help his stuffed animals go to sleep in an effort to get him to nap. I would never deceive…I mean, pretend with…him like that.

And lastly, I would never skip dinner so I could snack on Tastefully Simple food all night at our MOPS Convention fundraiser. And I would never eat Nana’s Apple Cake for lunch the next day…with whipped cream.

Not me.