Today it is NOT about me.

It is about this little guy.

He just turned one. He is now far from home awaiting an ablation to fix his heart.

It is about his mother, who is with him, and his father, who is trying to get there.

It is about our God who is holding them all tightly right now.

It is about praying for Stellan, MckMama, Prince Charming, and the doctors and nurses working on Stellan right now.

It is about lifting them up and carrying them to the Lord.

It is about God being glorified through the outcome.

Today, please join me in letting it be about them. Please pray for them in whatever way you are led.

If you are interested, MckMama is posting updates on her blog through this whole process. Stellan is currently in surgery. You can read his whole story on her blog as well.