Ah, the differences between children.

By the looks of it (above), Jeremiah was a well-fed baby, but the reality is he was (and still is) a picky eater. Now, his parents are picky eaters so it’s not entirely his fault. But ever since he started eating “big people” food, his repertoire has been pretty limited. Graham crackers (see below) were a favorite at 11 months 🙂 Chicken nuggets are a favorite now.

Then along came Joshua. That boy will eat ANYTHING! I have a couple of theories why:

1. He is the second child. We have given him much more variety than we offered to Jeremiah.
2. He got teeth MUCH sooner than Jeremiah which made us more comfortable giving him chunks of food. Jeremiah at 11 months: no teeth. Joshua at 11 months: 8 teeth!
3. The child loves food! He chows down on meat, vegetables, fruit, crackers – I haven’t found anything he doesn’t like yet!

Seriously, I can’t feed this child fast enough! I’m not complaining – it is such a blessing to go somewhere to eat and know I can almost always find something Joshua will eat! And I love that he will eat the same meal as us most of the time!

So the tale of Picky & Porky (only said out of love – I love chubby babies!) continues. I think the contrast between the boys is so interesting! I have a feeling Joshua will be cleaning up Jeremiah’s leftovers as they get older 🙂