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Words that Rhyme with Orange, Music CD for children

Age Group This Book/Product is for: 2-12

Put out by: Ross King of Ross King Music

Price: $12.00

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Note: Ross King Music is independent and “self-produced, which means this product in only available online and not in stores.

From my post yesterday, you now know that I have a background in music. More to come on that later this week. But hopefully that information will give me a little more credibility as I review this children’s CD by Ross King.

We are a music family. And the kiddos LOVE listening to “their” music in the van as we run errands and such. We usually end up stuck on one CD for several days as it plays over and over again, much to their delight.

The CD that has been in our van for the past few WEEKS is Ross King’s “Words the Rhyme with Orange.”

King’s CD is an eclectic mix of children’s songs – from manners to silly songs and touching love songs to our kiddos. There is a little bit of everything. And it is all very clever and entertaining. Some song titles include:

Happy to Be Me
Learning My Alphabet
The Sound of Whining

And our personal favorite…
Don’t Do It – a song about not eating your boogers

Don’t you love that?!

When it comes to children’s music, there is the truly annoying, the tolerable, and the stuff even adults enjoy. And judging by the fact that my hubby and I have been singing songs from this CD around the house, I would say it falls into the last category.

The songs are very catchy – constantly being sung by Big J – and well-sung, and there are even some instrumental tracks as well. Such a wonderful combination of music put together by King!

This is truly a delightful CD that I believe any family would enjoy.

Thank you so much to Ross King for providing our family with this CD!