31 Days: Date Night

Two words for you today:

Date. Night.

Two more words:

Do. It.

It doesn’t matter what or where or when, just set one up, get out, and enjoy yourselves!

Disclaimer: I know it’s not always easy to make this happen. We’ve been in that place – we’re in that place now. New town. Strange work hours. No babysitter. But we know we just HAVE to find a way.

Tonight, the kids are camping with Grandma and Grandpa, and the baby is coming with us for a date night at our favorite restaurant. Having one kid {that doesn’t talk} with us is better than not having a date at all!

Here’s the deal: We could all use some fresh ideas in this area and some inspiration on how to make dates happen in unusual or difficult circumstances, so share your favorite date night ideas in the comments today!

And I pray you get to go on those dates very soon!


Family Tie #26: Make a date night happen ASAP! If possible, set up a regular date night – weekly, monthly, whatever works – and put it on the calendar now! Don’t let your honeymoon be the last time you got out and had some fun together! {Yes, that picture is us on our honeymoon!}


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  1. When our kids were younger, I’d spend Fridays intentionally wearing them out so they would go to bed early. Then we’d order take out or cook our dinner together, and actually have a conversation. We took turns planning what to eat & what to do- game night, movies etc. Not having to pay a babysitter made it possible to have a weekly date night.

  2. We have a 7 month old and I can’t stress to my husband enough that we need to start doing this!! I’ve heard a lot of good stories of doing date night in though. Letting the kids stay up to watch a movie in another room while you have date night in another room. Babysitter (and cost of) Free! And with a little one that goes to bed at 8, sometimes just sharing dessert and having an adult conversation is a good way to recharge between big going out date nights.

  3. I read this earlier and thought how I really don’t have any good ideas. Date night is one thing we’re really bad at. I just got home a bit ago from the gym and stopping by the store for what my husband and I are going to have for dinner. I asked him if he’d rather eat now or get the kids in bed and eat later with a movie. He said later and “That sounds like a date.” It reminded me of this so I thought I’d share. Now, time to corral the wild ponies for bed!

  4. We are terrible at this! We have every excuse in the book why it doesn’t happen! But we are bound to get better! You look so young in that picture!!