I remember the first time The Hubby had Big J join him to go golfing. Big J beamed from ear to ear because he was being included in one of Daddy’s favorite activities – or maybe it was because he got to ride in the golf cart! Either way, it was a memorable experience!

Now that running has become a big part of our lives, Big J has set a goal to run a mile!

Both of these experiences prove my point for today:

Our children like to be included in the things we love!

The sense of belonging that comes from being included in someone’s favorite activity, especially when it is a child and parent, is so valuable!

And it can go the other way, as well! When a child has a hobby or activity they love, it can mean so much to them if mom or dad want to participate with them! {This might not be as true as they get older, but they will still appreciate mom and dad showing interest!}

I love to bake. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen by myself, asking the children to find their own thing to do while I bake, I can include them in making cookies or bread!

Our boys love playing Legos {big surprise!}. They love it when Daddy builds with them or gives them a Lego building “assignment.”

It really doesn’t take much effort to make this family tie happen, but it may take a little extra patience! My baking process might go a little slower if I let the boys measure the ingredients. The Hubby’s golf game might not be as peaceful with one of the boys riding along in the cart.

It is worth it, though, as we are creating wonderful memories and stronger family bonds when we include our family members in the things we love to do!


Family Tie #29: Make a list of your favorite things to do. Find one that you could do with another family member and do it! Watch what your child enjoys doing and ask if you can join them!


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