A major component of having a strong family is knowing its weaknesses. But let’s not think of them as weaknesses today – let’s call them limits. And we all have them.

I get very crabby when I’m tired. Sleepless nights are my norm right now with a baby in the house, so I’ve had to make adjustments. But in more “normal” times – when little people are waking me up less – The Hubby and I both know I need to guard my sleep carefully or I will not be pleasant.

Lack of sleep equals weariness and grumpiness for me and that is one of my limits.

The kids have their limits as well, including sleep, too much time together, hunger, and so on.

I’m sure you’ve been on a family trip of some sort, and things are going along quite well, until a lack of sleep catches up with someone and the trip takes a turn for the worse. Limit hit. Game over. Family fun has ended.

If I want my family to stay strong and well connected, I need to know well everyone’s limits and make sure I do whatever I can to help them not go there!

This can happen in the every day as well if we are not careful!

If your child gets less than pleasant on little sleep, don’t push your luck with a late bedtime!

Does someone in your household get crabby when they are hungry? Don’t mess with meal times! In fact, plan out snacks as well to stave off the bad mood!

Some kids can only take being with their siblings for so long, so know their limits and have a plan for alone time before problems arise!

We all have our limitations – know them for your family and avoid them as much as possible!


Family Tie #21: Evaluate the limits of everyone in the family, including yourself! Take preventative measures to avoid the negative side effects of hitting these limits!


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