Each Sunday during this 31 Days series, I’ll be touching on a different aspect of womanhood from the Five Aspects of Woman by Barbara Mouser.

This week’s aspect could stir things up a little bit, but trust me: I’m not trying to be controversial.

The fact is God made men AND women.

And this was God’s thought process when he decided to make woman…

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” ~Genesis 2:18

And from this, we get the aspect “Helper-Completer.”

The reason for controversy may come from the idea of women being the helper-completer to men, but there is no denying what God said.

And it by no means lessens who we are as women.

In fact, this should highlight our vital role as women – God knew men could not make it without us.

One of the major differences: men are more task-oriented, women are more relationship-oriented. Both personality traits are useful and necessary, but they are definitely better working together.

I’m not going to make this a big long post about how men and women are different. We know we are not the same.

I’m also not going to make this a post about submission, which is also a part of the helper-completer aspect.

I want to focus on a quote from Five Aspects author Barbara Mouser that is beneficial to all of us, married or single:

“Because you are a woman, you have a built-in potential to understand and help other people. You have insight into their need, goals, and characters, and you have special abilities to help them in their work and to complement them as people. You will find using and training these gifts very satisfying because they are basic to who you are as a woman.”

I found this passage very encouraging – what a gift we have been given to understand and help others!

As a married woman, this will apply first to your husband, but it doesn’t stop there. And as a single woman, the world around you is where you begin – your family, work, church, community and so on.

This is a call to all women to embrace the relational gifts that God has designed within you in order to HELP others.

There is no need to compete and conflict with men – God made us to work together, and if God made it that way, that is how our world will work best.

If this is hard to hear because of your own bad experiences with men in the past, I am so sorry and I am praying for God to work healing in your life and restore your desire to help and complete others. No man OR woman is perfect, but there is grace and God has a plan.

This week, I encourage you to examine the world in which you live and identify the ways you can help and complement those around you. It is what God made you to do!

What do you think of your roll as a helper-completer? Does that aspect make you squirm or smile?