I want our children to see The Hubby and I as more than just parents.

The Hubby is obviously more than the father of my children to me, but do the kids know this? Do they see us interact in ways other than our parenting roles?

Our children need to see the other aspects of our relationship in order to give them a healthy picture of marriage!

So what do I want them to see?

We were best friends first and we still are.

We really enjoy doing things together. The boys know we love watching football and movies.

We tell each other everything. We have our own conversations about things other than parenting when the children are around.

We willingly do things for one another just because. The Hubby has an especially great heart for blessing me with acts of kindness.

We are lovers, and while this may seem “yucky” to the kids, it is good for them to know I care for The Hubby beyond just friendship!

This is one I need to work on. When The Hubby gets home, I am usually busy doing something and don’t stop long enough to physically greet him. I DO have the time to stop what I’m doing, even if briefly, and properly say hello with a kiss and a hug! And it shouldn’t just be when one of us gets home. We can cuddle on the couch during family movie night or give a little kiss anytime during the day!

It’s ok for our boys to see us kiss! In fact, it’s wonderful! Sure, they may say, “Eww!” at the time, but they need to see healthy physical expressions of love within the context of marriage and will appreciate this model later in life!

I’m sure The Hubby is reading this right now and thinking, “Oh yeah, baby! Can’t wait to come home so she can work on her new goal!” And it can’t wait either! Let’s show our kids how much we love one another!


Family Tie #22: Kiss and hug your spouse more when the kids are around! Show them that you are more than just parents. Find ways to emphasize your friendship with one another to your children, whether it is doing more fun things together, having non-kid related conversations, or something else!


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