We’ve lost the art of talking to one another face to face.

I notice this most when I ask the boys to look me in the eyes when I am talking to them. It makes them squirmy and that makes me sad, especially since I realize how little most of us REALLY look at each other when we are talking any more!

I am greatly to blame for this as well. The boys will walk into a room and start talking and I won’t even look up from what I’m doing to hear what they have to say. How rude, right?!

In the name of multi-tasking, we seldom sit down to converse without any distractions. Our ability to really HEAR each other is greatly diminished in these instances and communication failures result.

I want my children to know they have my full attention. I want my husband to have no doubt I am hearing his words and they are important to me. And I want each of them to look at me when I am talking to them as well.

The words spoken within our family should hold great value to one another. Eye contact is an effective way to convey the importance of the other person’s words to you. Give your family the gift of eye contact!


Family Tie #1: Look your husband and children in the eyes when they speak to you today! If they are in another room trying to get your attention, go to them if you are able. Make eye contact before you ask your children to do something. And look each of them in the eyes and say, “I love you!”


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