Can I talk a little about our families and food today?

Most of this series so far has been about heart and head stuff – things we say and do with our children and spouse.

I’m discovering some things about strengthening our families through our stomachs! It could be because I live in a house full of boys, but food is always on someone’s mind in this house. And if we’re not getting the right kinds of food in our bodies, we are not the best bunch to be around!

Earlier this year, I saw a story on the Today Show highlighting the importance of protein in our diets. I paid particular attention to this report at the time because of the mention of protein and exercise, but I learned something unexpected at the time as well…

If a person doesn’t get enough protein, it can affect anxiety and mood!

I found this incredibly interesting, so I decided to try eating some protein when I was feeling less than pleasant. Think what you may, but I did notice a difference! Protein has become a more important more of everyone’s diet in our house since then!

The boys are “always” hungry, but an apple dipped in peanut butter or some string cheese can fill them up AND combat those crabby times! Win-win!

Protein isn’t the only food that can benefit your family in multiple ways. Less junk and more “real food” is always a good idea to strengthen your family all around. We aren’t into any crazy diets or food movements – it’s just common sense that “real food” is better for our bodies. And when our bodies are functioning properly, we probably will be as people as well!

Maybe you think this food family tie is a bit of a stretch.

Believe me, we are NOT healthy eaters all of the time. We enjoy our Saturday morning donuts from the Donut Professor. Laffy Taffy is a special treat Daddy brings home every now and then.

Which lead me to the other part of strengthening our families through their stomachs…

Fun food experiences create fun memories.

Eating healthy food on a regular basis will help to keep bodies strong and minds clear.

But that corn dog at the State Fair?

Or the stack of chocolate chip pancakes you shared at Village Inn?

The taco ring for game day?

Strong bonds are formed over glorious food of that magnitude.

Our boys have extremely powerful long-term memory when it comes to food and I want a bunch of fun family times to be what comes to mind when yummy food is shared!

Whether it is healthier food on a regular basis or special treats for wonderful memories, watch more carefully what goes into the mouths of your family for stronger bodies and family ties!


Family Tie #16: Think about what your family eats in a week. Is everyone getting the nutrition they need? Do you have any fun meals or treats planned for a special occasion or “just because?” Plan at least one way you can strengthen your family – physically or relationally – this week with food and share it in the comments!


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