Dear Seeds Family Worship,

I’ve been attempting to write this thank you letter in my head all day and words are failing me. Not a great thing for a blogger, huh?!

But here goes:

Thank you.

Several months ago, you said yes to sponsoring this small-time blogger to the Relevant Conference, asking very little in return.

After months of anticipation, that weekend has now come and gone and my life has been changed.

God spoke. I listened.

God moved. I WAS moved.

It was not a blogging conference. It was a meeting with our Maker.

Every aspect of my life was touched and I will be processing, pondering and praying over it for quite some time.

And it happened for ME because YOU said yes.

There are no words to express my gratitude for sending me to the gathering of kindred souls organized by Sarah Mae, Jessica and Dana (who each deserve their own thank you because WOW).

So again, thank you. A million times, thank you.

Forever and ever grateful,

Erin @ Home with the Boys

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance if I mention Relevant many times this week. I will try to keep it brief and to the point, but there is much to share. Thank you for your grace.