Heard around here:

“Let’s wrestle!”


“Mommy, he won’t get off me!” {Big J about Little J – the younger is figuring out how to defend himself – and that he can win!}

“Can I have more cheese crackers, Puh-lease?!”

“I love you Little J.” “Oh.”

“Why is that house blue?” “Why is that truck red?” “WHY WHY WHY?!”

“Can I watch someping on Netwix?”


“I am a Spanish lion!”

“How do you make people?” {Oh yikes.}

And seen around here:

Just like Daddy…

Late February Nebraska weather…

And just one week earlier…

Enjoying a local bookstore…

Little bits of heaven… (filled with Dove chocolate)

Watching the shuttle launch…

And snuggling with Miss L (the little girl we watch three days a week)…

What has your “lately” been like?