I think Laura Booz, author of 10 Million Miles and the BRAND new site, The Homeschool Baby, may be one of the sweetest bloggers I have ever had the joy of meeting in person. But she is also not afraid to speak the truth – in love, of course 🙂

Laura’s heart is to help women keep their priorities in order while continuing to enjoy writing on their blogs. This is an ongoing goal for myself and I feel like I am constantly failing working at it.

I’m not going to tell you that Laura’s new ebook, Blogger Behave, is going to solve all of your and my problems in this area.

But I will tell you that Blogger Behave, which goes on sale today, is making me rethink this life as a blogger in very practical ways – and it’s making me laugh. A good combo for me.

My first major take-away from Blogger Behave was to make a blog vision statement.

Before I started my 31 days series, I was wrestling with just WHO I wanted to write for and WHAT I was supposed to write about. As the series went on, I really felt a pull in a few directions and away from others. I know that a blog vision statement is my next step.

The other phrase I really needed to hear from Laura’s book was this…

My blog must benefit my real life.

Not take away. Not co-exist. My blog must BENEFIT my real life.

What I write about can I actually help ME become a better person – isn’t that crazy and awesome? I had really never thought of blogging that way but I can see the truth in it.

If you blog, I want you to read this. I don’t get anything from you buying it – just the satisfaction of knowing that I passed along a very useful resource for improving our lives as bloggers.

Here are the details…

*First, go to the Blogger Behave site and watch the hilarious promo video – just because it will make you smile today.

*Second, you can download a FREE sample chapter to get a better feel for the book.

*Third, BUY THE BOOK! Today it is only $2.50! You can buy a PDF or buy it for your Nook or Kindle!

*Finally, come back here, tell me you bought it and share your thoughts! I hope you love it as much I have!


Thank you to Laura for providing a copy of this book for me to review, but more importantly, for WRITING this book that I very much needed to read! What a blessing!