Our new house is so different from our old house in many ways. One of those is the number of spaces to decorate! Coming up with art or decor for the various shelves and walls can get very expensive, so I’ve turned to my bloggy friends and Pinterest for help!

I loved Myra’s button monogram tutorial and had everything in the house to give it a try which made it FREE! I love free!

Instead of tracing a letter like she did, I printed one off in grayscale.

Then I started adding buttons, noting her suggestion to cover the outside first if possible! Just keep layering until all of the letter is filled in – you really can’t screw this up!

I went with neutral colors and a few red buttons for a little “pop of color!” The neutral palette means I can easily move it round the house if I so choose!

I put the finished product in an 8×10 frame without the glass and placed it on a shelf on our landing!

I love how it looks, especially with my book wreath above it!

Isn’t that fun?! Make sure you check out Myra’s tutorial for more details!

Now, back to searching Pinterest for more inexpensive decor ideas!


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