Winning the Day with Jack’s Pizza!

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Let’s talk about football game day. We are football family, through and through. I enjoy watching the game as much as any guy and I actually want to WATCH the game.

Our kids enjoy football, but they aren’t glued to the TV when a game is on. They usually want to play some football. And eat. They want to eat all the time.

Here is our most common game day situation: Mom wants to watch the game and the kiddos want to eat. How do we make this work? What can I make them to eat quickly that will make both them and I happy?

Enter Jack’s Pizza.

Jack's Pizza Blog 5

Jack’s Pizza has been a staple in the frozen food aisle of our local grocery store since 1960. Jack’s is made with Midwestern pride and 100% real Wisconsin cheese. We picked out an original, preservative-free thin crust – another reason to love Jack’s!

Jack's Pizza Blog 6

Did you know you can grill Jack’s Pizza? Our last game day was a warm one and I didn’t feel like heating up the oven, so we just set the pepperoni pizza right on the gas grill and it cooked up beautifully with a nice crispy crust! And all of it was ready in just 12 minutes – perfect for making during halftime! We served it up with apple slices + chocolate milk – a little something fun for game day!

Jack's Pizza Blog 2Jack's Pizza Blog 3Jack's Pizza Blog 4

Can you tell how much they enjoyed their pizza? Jack’s is a favorite for families because everyone in the family loves it! We’re a pepperoni household, but we also have the cheese variety in our freezer to mix it up.

Jack's Pizza Blog 7

I’m giving Jack’s Pizza a thumbs up with Double J because the price is low (just a few bucks) and the quality is high!

Jack's Pizza Blog 1

I was totally winning this game day because the kids loved their food and I didn’t miss much of the game! Thank you, Jack’s Pizza!

What kind of Jack’s Pizza is the favorite in your house?

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Backyard Football Therapy

Saturday wasn’t the best day for our beloved Nebraska Cornhusker football team. We were crushed by the way it all went down, losing on a last second Hail Mary touchdown and all.

Backyard Football 15

The Hubby gets all the dad points, though, because instead of sulking, as we both wanted to do, he gathered the boys and headed to the backyard for a game of football. And I took my camera out there to capture the fun.

I think it was good therapy for all of us.

Backyard Football 13 Backyard Football 14 Backyard Football 12 Backyard Football 11 Backyard Football 10 Backyard Football 9 Backyard Football 8 Backyard Football 7 Backyard Football 6 Backyard Football 5 Backyard Football 4Backyard Football 2 Backyard Football 1Backyard Football 3

Recovering from football with more football. That’s how we do it in this Nebraska house of boys.

How did your team do this weekend?


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Five Outfits for Football Season!

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I love football.

Let me try that again.


That’s better.

I’m a lifelong Nebraska Huskers and Green Bay Packers fan. I watch preseason games. I follow my teams in the off-season. I play fantasy football and last year I won my co-ed league. Football season is my favorite season.

With all of that said, it should come as no surprise that I also love football fashion! College football is right around the corner – my Huskers play their first game in less than one week- so it’s time to plan out those outfits for football season!

Here’s the thing about football season here in Nebraska: when the season starts at the end of August, the games can be HOT. That sun reflecting off the skyboxes creates a microwave-like feeling within the stadium. But come November, the last games of the season could be in an ice storm. You’ll find every kind of weather in those in-between months, so whether you’re going to a game or watching it with friends, we need to be prepared with a variety of outfits!

Five Football Outfits

Here are some of my favorite ways to show your team spirit throughout the football season!

Football Outfit #1

Football Outfit #1

This is what I grab for those late summer/early fall games – a team tee (with a little bling!), dark denim shorts (that won’t show any game food stains), a hat (to keep the sun off my face), and comfortable shoes (a must when walking from your car to the game and hiking up to your seat multiple times). My hair has to be up or pulled back when it’s hot or I will sweat to death, so a side braid under the hat is a fun option! And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Football Outfit #2

Football Outfit #2

It makes me pretty happy when I can start wearing jeans on a regular basis and these KanCan jeans are the first jeans I will grab for game day this year! I absolutely love them paired with my new t-shirt from BeeRich Designs. Ashley, the designer behind BeeRich Designs, comes up with the absolute cutest designs and she is based right here in Nebraska!

Football Outfit #2b

I love how soft this tee is! The glitter Nebraska state design is feminine while highlighting my love for this state and football! BeeRich Designs can make a tee to highlight your favorite state, team, and sport! Just take a look around her Etsy shop and you fall in love, too. Use the code HOMEBOYS15 to get 15% off your BeeRich Designs order anytime, but hurry if you want your shirt for football season!

Football Outfit #3

Football Outfit #3

Football and hoodies are the perfect match. But hoodies don’t have to look frumpy! For this look, I paired a great red Evy’s Tree hoodie with a basic black top and dark jeans, but added some extra flair with team color jewelry and comfy animal print shoes. Comfy, but cute – that’s the way to go on game day!

Football Outfit #4

Football Outfit #4

Maybe a hoodie isn’t your style! A basic black cardigan is a great finishing piece for the fall. It allows you to wear your favorite team tee without getting cold and it pulls together an outfit in a heartbeat! For the comfortable shoes in this outfit, TOMS are the way to go. But my favorite piece of this whole outfit is the cute Nebraska necklace from Earthen Joy! I found this lovely shop at our farmers’ market and knew a white state necklace would be the perfect way to top off a game day outfit! She has a cute red option as well, but I can wear the white with just about anything!

Football Outfit #5

Football Outfit #5

So, what happens when you have to be somewhere else on game day, like a conference or event? That happened to me a couple years back and I just had to wear my scarlet and cream even though I couldn’t watch ! There are so many fun ways to go dressy and support your team! I chose a simple, soft gray dress and black riding boots to go with the real star of this football show: the Game Day scarf from fashionABLE! The Game Day scarf comes in all your favorite team colors and shows off your team spirit for a casual or dressy look. The scarf is fabulous, but the real win in all of this is how you invest in the life of the woman who made this scarf when you  purchase!


I feel like I could style five more outfits for you right now because I just adore getting dressed up to cheer on my teams, but I hope these five outfits give you some fun inspiration for the upcoming season! Or maybe I need to do a Packers version next?!

I’d love for you to share – what’s your favorite game day look? How do you like to show off your team spirit?

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Game Day Girls: Fantasy Football for the Ladies!

I super duper love football.

Honestly, I will watch just about any college or pro game on TV, even if my teams aren’t playing.

Last year, I found some like minded ladies on Twitter and we formed our own fantasy football league. It was a blast. And I just knew we had to do it again and invite all of you!

So here is your invitation to join Game Day Girls – a women’s only, just-for-fun fantasy football league!

Game Day Girls

If you are interested in joining us, just fill out the form below by the end of the day, Friday August 30th! We are trying to keep each league to ten people or less, but as long as you sign up by the deadline, we’ll make sure you’re in a league!

We’ll be using ESPN Fantasy Football. Last year was my first year ever doing fantasy football, and I found it to be pretty easy to set-up! If you already have an ESPN account, please enter it into the form so we can get you connected correctly!

The draft for each league will be scheduled for next week. You will be notified of your draft time by Monday, September 3rd!

Don’t know what you’re doing with fantasy football but still want to join? That’s ok! We’re here to help! Just indicate in the form that you would like help getting set up and we will make it happen!

It’s game time, ladies! Can’t wait to get this started! 

If you can’t see the form below, click here to get to the sign up!

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It’s Game Day, Baby! {First Husker Game 2012}

College football is back and that is big news in our house!

The first Husker game of the season means mama drags the boys out in the backyard in their Husker gear for a photo shoot, especially since it is Double J’s first game day!

Our littlest Husker fan…

The big boys are particularly excited for the return of football this year, which I totally love!

Lookin’ good in red, boys!

We’re ready to cheer on our Huskers!

It’s game day, baby! GO BIG RED!


Who are you cheering for today?

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WIN! {Multitude Monday}

First, a little business this Monday morning…

Two winners to announce! I love doing this!

Happy Together DVD from Veggie Tales: ColleenMarie82!

$10 Chili’s gift card from The Boy’s Store: Hannah from Lucero Life!

Please email me at erin {at} homewiththeboys {dot} net to claim your prize!


Did you know there was this little football game last night?

Well, not so little I guess.

And definitely not little at our house.

Because, as I mentioned before, we are a majority-Packer household.

Especially this mama. (Yes, I like this green smoothie stuff and I thought it was appropriate for the game!)

And Big J.

And if the kiddos weren’t already in bed, this mama would have been screaming at the TV along with the jumping up and down and crying I was doing when they won the Super Bowl last night.

Yes, I love my Packers.

I am SO proud of the players, the coaches, the fans, the community. If you haven’t heard about how the Packers team ownership works, you should REALLY read more about it here. It’s pretty amazing.

And now, after fourteen years, they are Super Bowl champs again!

I know it’s “just a game,” but it was a huge blessing to me this week.

And now football season is officially over…{insert sad face}

But I have many other blessings to count…

181. My little sis spending the weekend with us!

182. Finding ways to save money.

183. Netflix.

184. Cozy couch.

185. Stove-top popcorn.

186. The worship band at church singing a Packers rock ballad on Super Bowl Sunday.

187. Puppy chow.

188. Unexpected date night!

189. Above-mentioned date night was to the Husker Football Recruiting Banquet!!!

190. Our minivan. I love minivans.

191. Snow that “forces” home time.

192. Little J asking why Jesus stayed on the cross.

193. Sharing the promise that goes with the answer to #192.

194. The beauty in Ann’s words in One Thousand Gifts – and I’m only one chapter in.

195. A friend and her son protected in a car accident.

196.  Slime that keeps Big J entertained all morning.

197. A hubby who will cheer for my team when his isn’t in the Super Bowl.

198. Discovering fun new games with the kiddos.

199. Teachable moments.

200. After hearing me sing a worship song while doing dishes, Big J says: “Mommy, I think God was dancing to that.”

Your blessings this week? Please do share!

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Stayin’ Alive {Multitude Monday}

I’m a football fanatic.

Have we discussed that in length here?

You already know we are die-hard Husker fans, but how about my other love?

Ah yes, I back the Pack. Through thick and thin. Brett Favre or no Brett Favre.

And Big J joins me in that love.

The other two – not so much. The hubby is a Colts fan (and I like them as well), and Little J, even at two years old, is convinced he likes the Bears (thanks a lot, Uncle Nick).

But whoever it is, I just love Saturdays and Sundays from September through January.

I will watch football all day long, no matter who is playing. I just love the game. And I love the community it forms between fans – game-watching parties, tailgating, even supporting your team on Facebook or Twitter! Such fun!

And yesterday, it got even better, because the Packers beat the Bears (sorry Little J!) to stay alive and move on to the Super Bowl!!!

Nothing like a big win by your team to take the edge off an ear infection!

I love football.


How do YOU feel about football? Blessing or curse? And if it’s a blessing, who’s your team?!

And more blessings from my week…

141. A chance encounter with a wonderful Christian healthcare worker not afraid to share her faith.

142. A hubby who cares enough to make me go to the doctor.

143. A hubby who gets the kids fed and napping while I go to the doctor.

144. A surprise girls’ night out planned by our husbands (who also watched the kids!).

145. The little guy crawling into bed with us early and going back to sleep!

146. Driving for Big J’s field trip to make their own pizzas!

147. Gold Bond Hand Sanitizer.

148. Skype.

149. The library.

150. A four-year-old with a hunger for books.

151. The hubby whistling about the house.

152. Staying warm at home while the snow falls and the temps drop.

153. A surprise coffee drop-off from a beautiful friend.

154. Better-Than-Anything Cake (or whatever you call it…)

155. A fantastic preschool teacher who will be sorely missed when she starts her maternity leave today.

156. Mom’s sugar muffins (made by me this time, but makes me think of her!)

157. Texting with my sis.

158. Antibiotics.

159. Raspberry lemonade.

160. Journey. Yes, I mean the band. (Have you seen the live concert from Manila?!)

(What a random list this week!)

Hoping this week is filled with blessings for each of you lovely friends!

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We’re NOT Crazy!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

NO, we are NOT crazy Husker fans.

NO, we do NOT treat the first game day of the season like a state holiday.

NO, our Husker allegiance has NOT been passed on to the kiddos already.

Nope, everything is under control here as football season begins.

Fall 2010 001Fall 2010 009Fall 2010 005Fall 2010 007Fall 2010 012Fall 2010 039Fall 2010 043Fall 2010 042Fall 2010 041Fall 2010 063Fall 2010 066

Oh yes, that IS personally signed by Nebraska coaching legend and current athletic director Tom Osborne. Thanks Grandpa!

For those of you keeping track: Huskers win 49-10. 1-0 on the season!

Are you NOT crazy for a certain team, football or otherwise?

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We’re With the Band

As you all know, we’re big Husker fans around here.

But what you might not know is that my husband and I met at the University of Nebraska.

In the marching band.

And I am very proud of that.

Yep, that’s us. By the time this picture was taken, we were both drum majors (conductors) for the band and we were engaged.

If you’ve never been to a college football game, the drum majors usually have to do some sort of pageantry during the pregame ceremonies. Ours involved walking from the corners of the field to the middle “N,” leaning back and kicking our legs as high as possible as we walked.

Thankfully I have no pictures of this. And yes, it was as painful as it sounds.

We also conducted the band on the field and in the stands for every home football game.

Lil’ Red decided to help me out here.

Marching band was an amazing experience. I played clarinet for three years before becoming a drum major. The hubby was on trombone before three years as a drum major. It’s a miracle that we ever got married – brass and woodwinds don’t often mix 🙂

We traveled all over the country to bowl games, including the National Championship at the Rose Bowl. We even made it to Ireland to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin. We started dating during that trip. On St. Patrick’s Day. Isn’t that cute?!

So when we go to games now, sure I take pictures of the team and the crowd – because the Sea of Red is an incredible sight – but I always have to take some pictures of the band to remember the days of…

playing the National Anthem…

forming the Nebraska “N”…

spelling out HUSKERS…

making the “tunnel” for the team to run through…

and playing “There is No Place Like Nebraska” after a touchdown…

all in front of 80,000 people.

Oh and by the way, the first time I ever went to a game was also the first time I ever stepped foot on the field as a member of the marching band. I couldn’t hear anything over the roar of the crowd. I didn’t play my instrument through all of pregame. I didn’t want to miss my spots on the field. Talk about intimidating!

And totally awesome. Every minute of it.

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