First, a little business this Monday morning…

Two winners to announce! I love doing this!

Happy Together DVD from Veggie Tales: ColleenMarie82!

$10 Chili’s gift card from The Boy’s Store: Hannah from Lucero Life!

Please email me at erin {at} homewiththeboys {dot} net to claim your prize!


Did you know there was this little football game last night?

Well, not so little I guess.

And definitely not little at our house.

Because, as I mentioned before, we are a majority-Packer household.

Especially this mama. (Yes, I like this green smoothie stuff and I thought it was appropriate for the game!)

And Big J.

And if the kiddos weren’t already in bed, this mama would have been screaming at the TV along with the jumping up and down and crying I was doing when they won the Super Bowl last night.

Yes, I love my Packers.

I am SO proud of the players, the coaches, the fans, the community. If you haven’t heard about how the Packers team ownership works, you should REALLY read more about it here. It’s pretty amazing.

And now, after fourteen years, they are Super Bowl champs again!

I know it’s “just a game,” but it was a huge blessing to me this week.

And now football season is officially over…{insert sad face}

But I have many other blessings to count…

181. My little sis spending the weekend with us!

182. Finding ways to save money.

183. Netflix.

184. Cozy couch.

185. Stove-top popcorn.

186. The worship band at church singing a Packers rock ballad on Super Bowl Sunday.

187. Puppy chow.

188. Unexpected date night!

189. Above-mentioned date night was to the Husker Football Recruiting Banquet!!!

190. Our minivan. I love minivans.

191. Snow that “forces” home time.

192. Little J asking why Jesus stayed on the cross.

193. Sharing the promise that goes with the answer to #192.

194. The beauty in Ann’s words in One Thousand Gifts – and I’m only one chapter in.

195. A friend and her son protected in a car accident.

196.  Slime that keeps Big J entertained all morning.

197. A hubby who will cheer for my team when his isn’t in the Super Bowl.

198. Discovering fun new games with the kiddos.

199. Teachable moments.

200. After hearing me sing a worship song while doing dishes, Big J says: “Mommy, I think God was dancing to that.”

Your blessings this week? Please do share!