Five Minute FridayIt’s Five Minute Friday with lovely Lisa-Jo!

Set a timer and just write. Don’t worry about making it just right or not.

For me? An exercise in letting go and letting words flow. Five minutes only. {yes, I do set a timer and it quacks like a duck at 5 minutes, which totally makes me smile}

Today’s prompt: Together.


And go…

Some of my very best online-turned-real-life friends are all together at a conference in South Carolina right now. I am missing the hugs and face-to-face conversation with them desperately, but that is not where I am to be right now.

After a busy, crazy, chaotic, FUN month of October, I am home, together with my family for the weekend. And while I long to see those far-away friends, my heart is overjoyed to be here, preparing for a “normal” weekend at home, together with my precious boys and handsome husband.

Yes, our normal together includes some on-call weekends, children not always cooperating, cleaning up spills and doing laundry, but THIS TOGETHER is what I crave right now. I need the family togetherness more than any other kind right now, no matter how messy it may be.

Conferences and retreats and events tug at my heart every once in a while, and if God says, “Go! Be together with them!” I will go. But His word to me has been “stay” lately.

And I will relish the together I have here, at home, with my family, every moment I get.



31 Days of NOT Having It All Banner

I’m breaking the Five-Minute Friday rules a bit, but I need to add a little round out my thoughts on this aspect of NOT having it all…

Go to a Conference

I am a raging extrovert, so conferences are totally my thing. I LOVE meeting new people, networking, learning and being inspired, and most of all, sitting down with friends who live too far away for coffee and in-the-flesh fellowship.

But conferences require planning and money and sacrifice, and you know what? Going to conference doesn’t make you more important or special than anyone else.

You don’t HAVE to go to conferences to make a difference or be known or get connected. If God has made a way for you to attend one, then GREAT! I know you will have an amazing time!

But if the door has been closed on attending any “special” events right now, please don’t fret or mope, dear one. He has His reasons. And He is working out His plan and purpose for you right where you are. He doesn’t need a conference to accomplish His goals and dreams for you.

Today, I am praying for all of you at Allume and any other wonderful event or conference or retreat going on this weekend to have amazing, divine appointments and leave refreshed and renewed by Him.

And I am praying for those of you at home, wishing they were somewhere else, to see the value of being together where you. I’m praying you will see the divine appointments He has for you in your own home, church, community this weekend. Going to a conference doesn’t make you special. He has already done that.

And here is my favorite moment so far that I would have missed had I been away…

My Scary Pumpkins 2013

Wherever you are, have a blessed weekend!