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Every once in a while, a children’s book comes along that tells a really important true story that makes the whole family think and pray and want to act.

A few years ago in our house, it was The Boy Who Changed the World. The “true” aspect of the story totally captivates my children and makes them ask a million questions. Reading these inspiring true stories sticks with all of us long after the first reading.

We had the pleasure of discovering a new book of the same kind this month and it has all of us thinking and asking God what He would have us do.

Everybody Can Help Somebody is written by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, authors of the best-selling book, Same Kind of Different As Me. Both books tell the story of Denver’s life as a sharecropper’s child and his decision to venture out on his own, which led to a life of poverty.

The boys were very sad as we read about Denver’s life…until Miss Debbie entered the picture and took the time to not only tell Denver about God’s love, but also show it to him by helping him.

Everybody Can Help Somebody

There is a line in the book where Denver tells Miss Debbie, “I am a very bad man. Leave me alone!” And she answers back, “You are not a bad man. You are a good man. God loves you, and so do I.” Sometimes my boys need to hear this same thing. After a day of bad decisions, sometimes one of them will say, “I’m just bad,” and I will have the chance to remind them that we are all sinners, but because of Jesus, God sees us as good and loves us just as we are.

Everybody Can Help Somebody inside.jpg

And, of course, Miss Debbie is an example to all of us. She took the time to speak truth into the life of another person and then followed it up with actions of love. This book is a great opportunity to talk about making a difference in our own communities by being kind and generous with our time!

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