Big congrats to the winner of the Jesus Storybook Bible and book set…

Brandi from Will Blog for Shoes!

Yay! Happy dance for you! Please email me erin {at} homewiththeboys {dot} net to claim your prize!


I realized when Big J was very young that putting the “nice” nativity in his reach was not a good idea. But having one he could touch and move and ask questions about was a great idea.

Because of a generous friend, we ended up with a beautiful, but sturdy, nativity that was perfect for little hands. (Although I am still longing for the adorable Veggie Tales or Little People Nativity – just too darn cute!)

So every year, we set up this nativity at child level…

And the boys move the shepherd and wise men far away, then act out them coming to see the baby Jesus. They make the angel tell Mary that baby Jesus is coming. And they especially love that there are animals there with Mary and Joseph.

But this year I came downstairs to see this…

And a little later…

The animals just kept coming. The donkey makes sense, I suppose, but now we have a penguin, giraffe, lemur, tiger and bear at the nativity?

“Why do you have all these animals set up?” I asked Big J.

“Because everyone wants to see baby Jesus.”

Amen, Big J.

That’s exactly what it’s all about.

And I’m grateful for boys who anticipate His birth with such joy and enthusiasm – wanting to share it with all. Even the toys.

Counting my way to one thousand gifts…

61. Being done with the stomach flu.

62. The joy of children about all things Christmas.

63. The Jesus Storybook Bible. Beautiful.

64. Trader Joe’s. (JUST opened for us and I love it already!)

65. Corporate worship.

66. Big J’s beautiful voice singing about Jesus.

67. A brand new Christmas tree. Pre-lit. Hallelujah.

68. Friends to share loss with – even if it is just a football game.

69. New healthy babies all around us – the joy of new life.

70. Working with my hands to make gifts for others.

Share your gratitude with us today! What gifts are you counting?