It’s been five years since I stopped teaching, five years since The Hubby started medical school, five years since I started blogging {in August}. And five years ago today, this handsome young man joined our family… 

2008 297_optJune 2008

Little J 5

June 2013

Little J, you have brought so much joy, laughter, and energy to our family! We love your silly voices, early morning cuddles, sneak hugs, and so much more! You are such a blessing and we love you SO much!

Happy 5th birthday, Little J!

{Now, please pass the Kleenex. Five is too old & mama’s having a hard time with it!}


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  1. I understand. T turns 6 next month!

    • No way! Seems just like yesterday we were in class at PSC together. It’s like you blink, and they are suddenly 5. Hope all is well!

  2. He is so very gorgeous. I hope he (and you!) had a happy day.
    Meredith x

  3. Happy Birthday, Little J! You and my K-Man share the same special day! He turned 5 as well. Don’t worry, Mama, you aren’t the only one reaching for the Kleenex. I’m also having a hard time with this…Kindergarten this fall already. He tells me he’s ready, but I think he’s the only one! Wish I could keep him home forever!