Four Christmases: Part One

Yep, you read that right! We’re having four different Christmases this year! Such is the life of a doctor’s family who has to be on home call for seven straight days over the holidays – things will be a little spread out!

We spent our first Christmas with  The Hubby’s family this past weekend. It was full of yummy meals, a carousel ride, ice skating, opening presents, and lots of great family time!

The boys were a little apprehensive about ice skating at first, but by the end Big J was saying, “Look Ma! No hands!” and Little J was acting pretty fearless as well!

Christmas 2013 Part 1i

Christmas 2013 Part 1j

Christmas 2013 Part 1m

Christmas 2013 Part 1f

Christmas 2013 Part 1c

Christmas 2013 Part 1g

Christmas 2013 Part 1h
Christmas 2013 Part 1k

Christmas 2013 Part 1n

Gma Gpa Skating Rink

Christmas 2013 Part 1a

Christmas 2013 Part 1b

Christmas 2013 Part 1l

Um, when did those three boys get so big? They just look too old in this picture. Too old.

Our next Christmas isn’t until Christmas Day, so this week we’re finishing up school and baking away to send treats with The Hubby to work! We all know I can’t bake and keep those things in the house without going into a sugar coma…

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  1. I was thinking the same thing! When did your babies not be babies?!
    Randi recently posted..ready for the big day??


  2. Cute pictures. :) We’re doing 4 Christmases this year, too!
    Anna recently posted..Summer/ Fall Update


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