It’s Freeing to Know Who You Are

This weekend I discovered the freedom of interacting with others when you know who you are.

Taking the StrengthsFinder test back in February opened my eyes to giftings I “kind of” knew were there from the Lord already, but I didn’t know how to name them. It was as if God called them out of me in a new way through that test and the study I did of my strengths in the time that followed.

This past weekend I attended the Declare Conference in Dallas, Texas. The Lord revealed an even greater blessing while there of walking in my strengths in community with other women, women who also know or are learning how God has made them and how He wants to use them for His kingdom.

God has built within me a strong desire and gift to connect with new people, to learn new things, and to communicate them with others. This is who I am.

At Declare, I had a chance to do ALL of these things and my heart leapt at each new opportunity to meet someone new, learn something new, or share what I know. I can see now how this has played out in previous experiences of mine, but this year felt different.  I felt more free, more bold, more connected with what He was bringing my way and why.

There are hundreds of personality tests and assessments out there to discover “who you are,” and it might be so overwhelming that you’re never touched one. But I’m asking you to reconsider.

In conversation after conversation with old friends and new friends this weekend, I heard women celebrating their God-given strengths and walking in wild obedience to do what He has asked them with those strengths.

Declare Heather Crystal

It looked like Crystal wildly obeying God’s call to share her love and gift for cultivating authentic community online to a room full of women.

It looked like Heather embracing her extroverted-awesome to emcee the conference with such humor, such life, such Jesus-love.

Declare Brooke Kate

It looked like Brooke + Stacey each sharing their own gracious, loving words about how to keep going and keep writing when the world seems to crumble around you complete with their own hard stories.Declare Stacey

It looked like Jessi holding on our hands and telling us she’s in the thick of it, too, and that’s ok because Jesus is enough to pull us through.

It looked like Lisa-Jo bravely telling her motherhood stories that made us all feel a little less alone and a lot more ready to fight for the things that matter to us, including our children.

Declare Sally

It looked like Sally and a lot of tears, understanding, prayer, healing between the two of us because she was willing to open her heart.

Declare Workout

It looked like Alisa leading us in a God-centered workout that brought us to throne of Jesus AND made me the good kind of sore for days following 🙂

It looked like the listening ears and wise words of Denise and Alia into the wee hours of the night, two women with very different strengths than me, but exactly what I needed to connect with at that moment.

It looked like so many other beautiful women saying, “Yes. THIS is who I am. THIS is what God wants me to do.” And every single woman’s wild obedience looked different and beautiful and free.

The first blogging conference I went to, I walked away wanting to be more like this woman or that blog. I hadn’t spent enough time asking God, “Who am I? What are the strengths you want me to use for You?” I spent years online trying to figure out how I “fit in.”

This year, I was so comfortable with me. And I felt so free. I led a session on affiliate marketing and I joked that it was the least “Jesus-y” session of the whole weekend. My session wasn’t about Jesus, but it was about using our strengths for Him. He gifted me in the area of connecting with people + businesses and sharing them with others, so I stepped out into this calling and LOVED it.

Instead of walking away from Declare wanting my blog to look more like this woman’s or my Instagram pictures to look more like that woman’s, I walked away ready to be me to the fullest, to fulfill MY place in His Kingdom.

Do you know how good that feels? I want you to know how good that feels. We all have different gifts but they are ALL important. The woman who listens well is just as gifted as the woman who speaks in front of thousands. But you have to know where your strengths lie if you’re going to embrace them and use them for His glory.

I don’t want to add another thing to anyone’s to-do list, but at least consider taking a personality or strengths-finding test today if you’re wrestling with your place in this world, in His Kingdom. And if you’ve taken these tests, find a way to use what what He has built inside you. Revisit those strengths often.

Because it’s freeing to know who you are and DO something for Him with it.


My favorites for discovering more about your personality and strengths:

The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks eBook


  1. Wonderful post, Erin. It almost felt like I was back in Dallas among you inspiring ladies. Thank you for leading us in session on affiliate marketing. I had no idea that I would learn SO MUCH! Continued prayers for your journey, especially over the upcoming year. It was so wonderful to meet you…the one who is perfectly happy with who she is. 🙂


  2. Totally stealing this picture of me in coffee heaven.

    I just loved seeing you – and watching you do what only YOU can do for Jesus.

    And I wish like crazy I had one more hug!


  3. This was beautiful. And then I snorted my coffee because OF COURSE you used that photo. And then I got all weepy because GIRL. That’s some truth. For someone who didn’t give a very “Jesus-y” message at Declare, you sure can preach 😉

  4. Erin,

    Yes! This. SO MUCH love and agreement here. I feel like you just put into words a large part of my experience this weekend. Thank you for that. There are so many levels for me to process and I haven’t yet found the words. But this? This is exactly it. Living into our own callings, into who WE are not who SHE is. SHE is beautiful. YOU are beautiful. I am beautiful. WE are each a stroke in God’s masterpiece, necessary to for the grand picture of His glory to shine. Thank you, dear friend!

    And next time I want to spend more than 3 minutes talking with you!

  5. So true! What an incredible experience! So many wise women surrounding us and encouraging us to be who we are.

  6. I already so missed being there, then to see the post-workout photo made me smile and be sad all at once. I loved this post, Erin, and it makes me realize that I miss being silly with my friends. It is so freeing to know who you are, and to live that knowing out loud. Thanks for the inspiration today, friend =)

  7. Love it, Erin! And I so appreciated your session too!

  8. Well said! It does feel great to be comfortable in our own skin!!