Top Ten {Tuesday} Are your kids game players?

Ours definitely are, especially Little J who asks hourly to play the SAME games! I’m not joking. Really.

We love the family together time that games bring and here are our…

Top Ten Games We Play with the Kids!

1. Hisss – This is a great color-matching and strategy game that both of our children enjoy! Little J (almost three) asks to play this morning, noon and night.

2. Don’t Break the Ice – If only it wasn’t such a pain to set-up…but the boys love to hammer and are learning to be careful as they play!

3. Memory – {any kind, but we have Toy Story 3} Big J gets this, but Little J just likes the pictures! He is learning as he watches us play – I think!

4. SlapJack – Oh, the fun we have during this game! Of course, it’s a little modified when both boys are playing, but who doesn’t love slapping cards?!

5. HopScotch – The boys just discovered the fun of HopScotch this year and I rediscovered how fun it is!

6. Chutes and Ladders – I don’t think I even realized this as a kid playing this game, but Chutes and Ladders is a great way to teach about consequences! We talk about the pictures as they land on them and move up or down.

7. I Spy – Great game for in the car or sitting on the front step before bed time!

8. Rapelli – I think Big J is finally old enough to somewhat understand and enjoy this game where your roll the die and pull colorful caterpillars out. There is some strategy involved, so I’m excited to play it more with him as he gets older!

9. Kubit2Me – There are endless possibilities for this tossing game – letter games, number games, emotions and so on! I look forward to making up some addition and subtraction games using this for homeschool next year!

10. Kids Flag Page – This is a fabulous game from Family Matters, especially for children five and older. It really helped me understand Big J better! You can read my review here.

Now we need your ideas! What games does your family love to play together?


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