God-Sized Dreams TeamAs I’m pursuing the dreams God has placed on my heart, I have many days where I think…

“What am I doing? I’m not qualified to do this? I just need to stop and let someone else pursue this dream…”

Most of the time I am able to stop myself mid-thought and realize these are not words my loving, wonderful God would put in my head. They are lies.

Other days, I need some extra inspiration to help me press on, and the stories of other God-sized dreamers are just what I need. The most inspiration has come from moms like me, living mom lives, putting God and family first, and saying yes to the gifts and dreams He has given them.

Dreamers like these…

Heather – Fellow boy mama, although she’s one up on me. Going about her life being an encouragement to many in real life and through her blog and BOOM! She gets an email from an agent asking if she’s ever thought of publishing a book! That is a WOW GOD type of thing to me. And Heather has stayed humble, seeking God and taking the process slow. I. Love. This. Story.

Brooke – She wrote Warrior Prayers because she just knew it needed to be written. Not for fame, not for money – just to pass on her heart for praying for her boys. God has done so much more than she ever dreamed with her obedience in writing that book, in her own life and the lives of thousands of boy mamas. And there’s more to come… 🙂

Jen – She has FOUR boys who are all SIX, so that automatically makes her a hero to me. The way Jen and her family honestly share their lives, from stories of pregnancy with multiples to unemployment to taking on adventures with their boys, is so real and so God-honoring. I’m not sure Brad and Jen would have ever said this is where they dreamed they would be one day, but they let God write their story and move forward with joy and faith.

Amanda -As a former teacher, I love that Amanda’s previous career in children’s ministry has become a part of how she parents and how she encourages other parents in her writing. And the stuff she writes about she actually DOES with her kids, impressing God’s Word upon their hearts in creative, meaningful ways. Motherhood is not mundane for her – it is fun and God-inspired and full of life. I love when my music teacher training and motherhood collide, and Amanda inspires me to use what I’ve been given, even though I’m not a music teacher at a school anymore! I don’t believe that teaching and being a parent and becoming a writer are all separate dreams – God is weaving one big dream through all of them!

I don’t know that my words can do justice to the God-sized dreams of these women, but I know their dreaming keeps me going on days I’m not sure I have what it takes to follow the path He has shown me to take.

And we all need those stories, don’t we?

Tell me a God-sized dream story that inspires YOU!

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