Today we’re counting the many blessings that this wonderful man we call husband and father is to us…

He is…

361. Always ready to hear a secret…

362. Always ready to check and fix an injury.

363. A great game player.

364. The best wrestler. {Big J’s contribution}

We love…

365. His Spanish lion impression.

366. His hugs. {Another Big J contribution}

367. How he makes us laugh. {Little J contribution}

368. And lets us tickle him too!

We also love his…

369. Creativity.

370. Leadership of our family.

371. Extreme intelligence.

372. Gorgeous singing voice.

And I am beyond blessed to be married to…

373. My best friend.

374. The best kisser.

375. A man who loves the Lord.

376. Someone with whom I share so many interests.

377. A hard-working soon-to-be doctor who still puts family first.

378. A man who makes me want to be the best wife, mother and woman I can be.

379. And who really understands my love language!

380. Lord, we thank you today for our husband and father and all the blessings he is to us!

Happy birthday handsome! We LOVE LOVE LOVE you!


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