High Five Morning Routine for Kids

Two years ago, the lovely Laura Booz posted on her blog about her girls’ morning routine called the “High Five!” You can see my comment still on that original post where I said I was going to make my own for the boys right then. And I actually did!

We’ve been using that “High Five” routine for two years now. It was simple because they were 5 and 3. The five things on their hand were all things they could do mostly by themselves. I could just say, “Go do your High Five!” and they knew exactly what to do! It’s a lot easier to say that than list all of those things over and over again!

As the boys have grown up, I’ve seen a need to “grow up” their High Five as well!

The older two boys {7 and 5} and I sat down to talk through the different parts of their current morning routine and determine which of those things needed to happen EVERY morning.

Here is what we came up this time around:

High Five Morning Routine

These five things are to be done in order from left to right. Bible + prayer time is first because I want it to be the first thing they do each morning – now and in the future!

Once all five are completed, they get to slap the hand on the wall – actually high five the “High Five!” Boys love getting to hit anything, right?!  The rule in our house is no playing until the High Five is done! The boys each have an assigned daily chore which I prefer them to do in the morning, but we didn’t make it part of the High Five because some need to be done later in the day.

The High Five could be easily adapted for children of any age. Other things that could be included in your morning routine depending on age and time of year:

  • Pick up toys
  • Put pajamas away
  • Feed a pet
  • Get backpack ready for school
  • Wash face
  • Morning chore
  • Brush hair
  • Take vitamin
  • Hug Mommy & Daddy
  • Thank Jesus for today {original idea from Laura!}

Isn’t this a fun idea? I’ve found I felt less like a nagging mom in the morning when I just say, “High Five time!” It’s a morning routine that has worked for us for two years and I think it will stick around for a long time!

What would be on the hand for your High Five morning routine for your kids?

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  1. This is just what I did with my boys a few years ago, but with the bedtime routine. That way they know to pick up toys, bathroom time, pj’s, story/song, lights out. I love that your boys high five it when they’re done. I should try this for weekend mornings we’re all home together.

    • I have considered adding a bedtime routine one as well, but never got around to it! Our mornings seem to need more help than evenings at this point! Love your nighttime list!

  2. I love this idea!! Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  3. We have a similar ‘morning routine’, but I love the idea of the actual High 5!

  4. Love this- what a great way to get boy’s attention with a high five! Simple, sweet and perfect!

  5. This is great! I’m looking for routine ideas as I transition into staying at home. Thanks!

  6. Nice ! Ours is a little different, but we have a “High 5” routine in the morning for our kids too :0)

    • Yay! I would love to hear what’s on your High Five!

      • Get dressed, make bed, clothes away, brush teeth, hah, I forget the 5th! lol What do you use or how do you get the boys to spend quiet time reading their bibles? That’s one thing we’ve been trying to figure out how to encourage them to do on their own!

  7. I had seen this idea before but forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder. Now that my little ones are older, I just might try it.

  8. How much time do you alot for this high five routine? It’s perfection! I have three sons and my middle is NOTa morning person! So in looking for help

    • Hey Christy! The first two in our routine will vary depending on the day, but I usually give them five minutes for the last three. That’s where they need a little more structure and can get crazy, so a time limit definitely helps!

  9. All I can say is, THIS IS BRILLIANT! 🙂 I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog.

  10. I love this idea! I have try several different morning and evening lists but I love the idea of a high five. I am going to post about this idea on my blog and link back to your sight.
    Thank you!!!

  11. This is an answer to prayer! I need to do something to “help” us all in the morning!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi! I am curious what your pre-reading boys do for Bible time if they do the High Five on their own? Thanks.

    • Hi Gina! My oldest {8} does The Adventure Bible Handbook and Every Day a Blessing and my middle {6} does The Adventure Bible Book of Devotions! They also both work on their Awana memory verses. Then we do Awana activities in their book together and the curriculum “Who Is God?” from Apologia! Hope that helps! They are SO many great devotions out there for kids these days!