A kidless weekend. At home.

A “staycation” if you will.

We just had one. And it inspired thankfulness in many ways.

Most of all, I am so thankful that a weekend in our house felt like a relaxing retreat. No hotel or airline costs. No big, fancy plans to be made.

Just me. And my honey. Home alone.

And the blessings from this abound…

51. Sleeping in.

52. Running errands without children.

53. Eating junk food with my honey and not having to share with anyone else.

54. No Disney, Nick Jr. or PBS Kids for two whole days. TWO. WHOLE. DAYS.

55. Reconnecting with my very best friend (that would be the hubby if you weren’t sure.)

56. Being mostly offline for the whole weekend = bliss. Really.

57. Safe travels. In the Midwest. In November.

58. Knowing God’s plans are always more amazing than we could ever imagine.

59. A chance to rediscover the reasons we love our children more than almost anything else.

60. Having those adorable, squishy faces return to us.

What are you thankful for this week of Thanksgiving?

A little challenge for you AND me: At church, we were asked to make a spiritual goal for ourselves for the week. My goal is to write my blessings down on paper every day this week. I know this post is a way to document my blessings every week, but I want to remind myself DAILY not just weekly. Will you join me this week?