I didn’t make it to any big conferences this year, but God made the way for me to attend a retreat this spring and He’s still using the people and messages I heard there to bless me.

One special story was that of the beginnings of ViBella Jewelry. I shared their mission and the beautiful piece I bought already here, but ViBella isn’t a stagnant company. They are on the move. Changing lives. Making a difference in Haiti in ways that humble and inspire me.

My dear friend, Jennifer, posted earlier this week about Adeline, a lovely woman she met on a trip to Haiti who has a job because of ViBella.


Adeline doesn’t look like a woman who is living in a “melting” house, does she? She looks happy, healthy. She looks like a hard worker.

She’s all those things.

Adeline is a hard-working, joy-filled mama who shows up at work, every day, at ViBella Jewelry, to make a really good wage.

If she lived in America, she’d be the woman who’d laugh with you when you made a fool of yourself in the tampon aisle at Target. And she’d be on your doorstep with a casserole if your dog died. She’d be organizing Bible study. And she’d insist that you pop over for a cup or tea any time you please, no matter that the living room was a Lego-covered mess.

Except for the fact that she lives in Haiti. And her house is melting.

{excerpt from Jennifer’s post about Adeline and #homefortheholidays}

I am so moved by Adeline’s story because she is mother, working to provide the best for her family and wanting so badly to find a new house, one that isn’t falling apart every time it rains. She just wants a decent home.

And it really isn’t so hard for us to help her out.

Jennifer and her family will be heading back to Haiti next week. The goal is to have the money needed to build Adeline a new home – concrete walls, sturdy, not able to melt – by the time they leave. To give her the money on Black Friday. Can you just imagine the look on her face when they give her that news?! It makes my heart swell.

Here’s how you can be a part of #HomeForTheHolidays.

BUY VIBELLA JEWELRY: The sales staff at ViBella is waiting for you rightnow. Place your order at www.ViBellaJewelry.com, and in the discount code section, be sure to type this: newhouse. <——That is really important!

ViBella artists have created beautiful necklaces and Christmas ornaments and purses — all of them beautifully handcrafted as Christmas gifts for your mamas, daughters, aunts, teachers, next-door neighbors … or yourself.

Thirty percent of every sale will go toward Adeline’s house. That means that every dollar raised will benefit real families in Haiti – the jewelry sales will support the women who make the jewelry, and 30 percent of the profits will help Adeline, a Jesus-sister who needs a real #HomefortheHolidays.

give hope, Christmas, ViBella

SPREAD THE WORD: This is an opportunity to use social media for His glory. Tell your friends about #HomeForTheHolidays. Share on Facebook by using the buttons below. Click to tweetHelp make a real #HomeforTheHolidays. We are sisters helping sisters this Christmas. Join us.

PRAY:  This is a huge undertaking. This house will cost $5,000 to build, and while we could take direct donations, we are hoping to do this primarily through jewelry sales. Our purchases of ViBella Jewelry assure that sisters like Adeline can keep their jobs. And … you end up with a beautiful gift to share with someone you love!

I just love Jennifer’s heart for helping another mama provide a safe home for her loved ones. And I love the way buying through ViBella will help this #homefortheholidays mission, as well as continuing to pay the women who work for ViBella! Thank you for doing whatever the Lord leads you to do to build this home!