16 days down, 47 to go.

Insanity Mom Collage

I started the Insanity workout program at the beginning of this month and I’m only now sharing that here because, this far in, there is no turning back!

I had hit my goal weight late last year and continued to run throughout the spring, culminating with my second half marathon in May. And then it all kind of went downhill from there. Yes, I kept working out, but not as hard or consistently. And my eating habits took a nosedive as well!

I decided I needed a kick in the health & fitness pants and a friend at church had the Insanity DVDs for me to borrow! There was nothing {besides fear and intense dread} holding me back, so I set a start date for July 1 and pulled my friend Jacque in on it for some accountability. I also have a good friend in town who has done it before and is cheering me on!

Even the fit test on the very first day felt like it was going to kill me. And I considered myself pretty fit before that! 16 days later, I’m still going, and here are my thoughts so far:

*Insanity is really hard. I wanted to quit during the warm-up. I have to stop a lot to catch my breath or resest my form. The kids look at me like I’m crazy while I’m working out.

*Insanity doesn’t get easier. The thing about Insanity is you push yourself as hard as you can go. The “better” you get at it, the harder you push yourself. It’s not one of those workouts you get “good” at and move on from. I think it will always be hard. Period.

*Insanity is the perfect in-home workout. You don’t need any equipment, the longest workout is still under an hour, and you can get it done before the kids wake up! The DVDs themselves are a small investment, but I see their great worth now. {This is NOT a paid advertisement. And no affiliate links. Just my opinion.}

*Insanity works. At my second fit test just 15 days in, I had lost a few pounds, lost a few inches, and definitely gotten stronger and faster. I hate getting started on it each morning, but I feel SO accomplished when I finish for the day!

I have continued to run twice a week since I just signed up for my third half-marathon in October and need to keep up on it at least a little for now! And I miss it if I don’t run at least that much in a week – never thought I would say that!

Green Smoothie

On top of that, I started a 30-day green smoothie challenge with Simple Green Smoothies on July 1st as well! That is WAY more fun than Insanity! I’ve loved trying all sorts of new combinations – some more than others, for sure – and look forward to my green smoothie each day! The Pina Colada and Chocolate Covered Cherry are fabulous!

That’s a little update on my health and fitness life right now! So thankful for a fresh start!

How are things going in the health & fitness area for you right now?

I have a couple of reader questions about fitness to answer in upcoming posts and would be happy to answer yours as well if I can! Leave a comment or email me anytime!