Jump: Living the Dream

I can’t even believe some of the things I actually did this weekend.

I am a raging extrovert, but being an extrovert and being courageous are not the same thing. I wasn’t quite sure how God would show up for me this weekend at the Jumping Tandem Retreat, maybe instilling bits of courage here and there. I thought He may nudge me towards one dream or whisper to me about another.

Instead, I found Him painting boldly on my heart with strokes of passion and clarity and, yes, the courage to jump, both literally and figuratively.

He took His dream for me, the one I had only mentioned in passing, nervous and scared that someone might hold me to it, and He made me SPEAK that dream OUT LOUD to others.


He took my biggest dream obstacles – the ones in my head – and He spoke through Jennifer to help me lay them down – no, even better, throw them out and bury them for good.

He surrounded me with other dreamers…

Erin and Lisa-Jo

Lisa-Jo, the greatest (in)courager and cheerleader for moms there ever was…

Jessica, Erin, and Vickie

My new Pacific Northwest heart sisters, Jessica and Vickie, pursuing and encouraging love in community over at Walk Agape

Sarah and Erin

My fabulous roomie for the weekend, Sarah, who entranced me with her energy and stories of life in musical theatre!

…other dreamers all feeling the nerves and excitement and fear and indigestion that come along with the BIG things He has planned to draw us closer to Him. We dreamed together. We worshipped together {Oh, did we worship}. We believed together. And from my dear friends Holley and Lisa-Jo, we rediscovered the meaning of success in relation to our dreams…

Success is obedience to God.

Unlike any other conference or gathering I had ever attended, I did not walk away overwhelmed with a million things to try or be or do. I walked away from this weekend ready to jump. And to take that jump with joy, knowing that just getting started on His dream for me was success.

In a rare moment of bravery, when I registered for this retreat, I signed up for the additional “Be Brave” activity as well. I later learned that activity would involve net-climbing, tall towers, and a zip line, and my bravery turned to knocking knees and chattering teeth {from the nerves AND the cold, windy weather!}.

Raw Emotion

I climbed up that two-story net, worked my way up another tangled mess to the second platform, and within seconds of scooting myself off that 54-foot high platform and flying across the air, I knew exactly why God had me up there.


The guide told me the steps I would take leading up to my jump: they involved me sitting on the platform, her unclipping me, and me moving myself forward whenever I was ready. She did the unclipping, I yelled to let the ground crew know I was on my way, and I JUST WENT.


I knew that if I sat there for even a second longer, I might not jump at all.ย I didn’t think.ย I left no time for doubt or worry or fear. I just jumped.


And God said, “Now do EXACTLY THAT with the dream I’ve given you.”

I’ve spent way too much time sitting on the edge of His dream for me, looking down, afraid and doubting and feeling inadequate. It’s time for obedience. I am living the dream.

Deidra's smile

Thank you, lovely, wonderful Deidra, for being obedient to His dream for YOU which has now inspired each of us who were in attendance. It was all blessing.


P.S. The zip line was AMAZING, as was experiencing it with this bunch of awesome women. If you ever get the chance, DO. IT.

*THANK YOU to the most lovely Laura for the zip line pictures. You captured each moment so perfectly!

**Later this week, or whenever I have some more time to process the sessions, I will post more of the words of inspiration shared by the fabulous speakers! Good, good stuff.

I’m linking up with Holley and the God-sized dreamers this week about how we PLAY in the middle of our dreams. Zip-lining counts, right?!ย 


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  1. Erin, ziplining definitely counts! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing about Jumping Tandem. Just prayed for you and your dream.

  2. What a joy to meet you this weekend and share this brave adventure! And that photo of you up there through the rope–one of my favorites of the weekend.

    • Oh, Sandra, it was a joy to meet YOU! What a bonding experience we all had out in that windy cold! I love your bravery, perseverance, and beautiful smile!

  3. You are brave and beautiful! Keep dreaming, sister. You matter!

    • And you were just the voice I needed to hear this weekend! Thank you for taking our stones and leading us to Him – I cherish your words and encouragement!

  4. Woo hoo! Way to make the jump Erin!!! I remember doing a bungee type flying swing thing twice in my teens… Heart dropping, exhilarating fun! Not sure my momma stomach could handle it now ๐Ÿ˜€ looking forward to hearing more about this dream. You have already inspired me to start running, and enjoy it! God bless as you filter through and pray.

  5. It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you this weekend! Truly heart sisters at the first hello. I’m cheering you on in God’s dream for you. I can’t wait to see it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh girl, I miss you already! I just want to talk about your vision and passion more and more! Cheering and praying for you and thankful for your prayers!

  6. “I did not walk away overwhelmed with a million things to try or be or do. I walked away from this weekend ready to jump.” Ditto!!! Such an incredible weekend, and your words capture it so well. Just like we cheered each other up the tower and down the line, I’m cheering for you now, Erin, as you raise your family and follow God’s dreams for your life! So glad to have met you, friend!

    • I treasure our conversations from this weekend so much, Kim. Thank you for speaking wisdom and blessing into my life! Now, can you just do that for me on a regular basis?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. As I was telling Kim on her post, you guys are amazing! I’m not a fan of heights but I’ve done a jump in my life and I’m calling it good. Bucket list and all, check. It’s amazing how the physical act of taking that leap supplies the adrenaline you need to walk away going, “That was awesome!” Just like the first sight of your baby erases the pain of childbirth, God gives us the good stuff when we need it. So glad to have met you this past weekend and to get to know you. I loved sharing homeschool stories and talking life. I’m cheering you on and excited to see what your God sized dreams produce.

    • Alia – your smile and laughter and honesty just lit up my whole weekend. Seriously. REAL life conversations with you are a blessing!

  8. So glad we had the chance to meet at the retreat. What an amazing, God-filled experinece the weekend was!

  9. YAY! I know how scary all the steps up to the Zip Line can be. I was shaking in my boots but it was SO MUCH FUN going down ๐Ÿ™‚ I am proud of your bravery and how God is calling you to JUST JUMP!

  10. I closed my eyes and screamed a little when I jumped :). I might do the same when it comes time to make the dream jump too! But, wow, what a ride, right? I so enjoyed your company at the retreat, Erin. We made some lovely memories this past weekend, didn’t we? And now, the hard work begins…

    • Laura – you are such a delight. Full of smiles and sweet encouragement. I was so blessed to meet you this weekend, and to watch you tackle that climb and jump head on! Let’s go after His dream for us with the same gusto! Praying for you!

  11. Laura- So fun to hear the adventure from your perspective…didn’t meet you…but your courage and the object lesson of actually jumping on the zipline and then into your dream encourages me to not lose sight…two weeks out and I am still revelling in the dreams God puts in our hearts…I am seeking the next step of obedience…praying for all of us dreamers. Go God!

  12. 3 weeks since #jtreat and my heart is now ready to read everyone’s link ups. For all that you are, Erin, #blogloud. Thanks for your invested words that gift courage to others!

    • Your words have been in my head, girl. It’s coming out in a big way soon. We must chat. Thank you for the way you champion so many of us! I feel blessed to call you friend!