It might not sound like your ideal girls’ weekend, but running 78.7 miles as a group with some of my best girlfriends last weekend was all kinds of awesome.


Market to Market is a relay from {somewhere near} Omaha’s Old Market to Lincoln’s Haymarket. 500 teams of 6, 7, or 8 people run 78.7 miles total throughout the day, running the last .3 miles as a team to cross the finish line!

My friend Julie entered the lottery to get a team and asked me to join her and six other dear friends on this crazy running adventure and of course, I said YES!

We spent the night at Julie’s parents’ house in Omaha so we could be closer to the beginning of the race since we had to leave that house at 5:30 a.m. to start the race at 6:20 IN THE MORNING {It’s really dark at that time, in case you didn’t know.}

Despite our need to rise early, we spent the night before like we were having a sleepover – trying on our outfits, painting our nails all sparkly, staying up way too late.

M2M Sleepover

Oh, and grocery shopping. When you’re running ALL DAY LONG, you need to eat and drink, obviously. There was also van decorating because we wanted everyone to know that we were Team Sparkle!

M2M 2013v

Teams were actually beginning their waves of the race as early as 5:00 a.m., but as I mentioned, our start time was 6:20. With eight members on our team, each member had two or three legs during the day. Each leg was between 2.7 and 5.5 miles. Each runner would run somewhere between 6 and 13.1 miles by the end of the day.

I was Runner #2, running three legs total – 3.4 miles, 5.5 miles, and 2.9 miles, plus the .3 team finish. You would think those shorter distances spread out would make the day not too difficult. You would think wrong.

M2M 2013k

M2M 2013f

First handoff!

My first run was glorious. It was still dark and chilly when I started. I love running in the cold. Night gear I could do without, but it was still fun! That leg was all in Omaha on a paved trail and a great way to start the day!

M2M 2013s

We weaved our way out of Omaha, dropping off and picking up runners, checking out the fun costumes and decorated vans of other teams. We even stopped to tailgate a little with these guys who were handing out warm hot dogs!

M2M 2013g

M2M 2013a

My second leg was not what I expected at all. I knew it would be long, but the hills were quite a surprise, as was running on a highway with no shoulder! Thankfully, cars were very aware of us and moved over with no problems. The hills on the other hand, were not so fun. Nice, gradual, LONG hill after hill. But all of that was rewarded with the loveliest rural scenery and fall foliage, as well as running across the Platte River. I felt like that river crossing was a huge blessing from God – flat and gorgeous – so I had to stop and take a few pics!



Oh, and I had to stop for a train. I thought that was funny.



After my second leg, the hip flexors really started to ache. Turns out running and then sitting in a van for hours is not so good for those muscles! We did get out at very exchange point to cheer on runners, which was also a great chance to stretch and do some stick rolling on those sore muscles. On a side note, I don’t think I’ve used a port-a-potty so many times in one day in my entire life. Staying well hydrated + lots of running = lots of potty breaks for all.

M2M in the van

M2M Renee + Me Last Leg

I saw parts of Nebraska I had never seen before as we made our way from point to point in our 15 passenger van. We stopped in lots of fun little towns and in the middle of cornfields and on gravel roads. What would a race through Nebraska be without cornfields?!

M2M 2013r

M2M 2013n

M2M 2013o

M2M 2013w

Leg #3 looked pretty easy in the race packet, but my legs disagreed! But again, the scenery was so beautiful and everyone I passed and that passed me {more of the latter} was so encouraging and happy to be out there.

M2M 2013q


A girl has to stash her running fuel and inhaler somewhere, right?!

M2M 2013i

THAT is why I love races – the community is just awesome and Market to Market did not disappoint in this area! Fast or slow didn’t matter {at least to us!} – we were all running the same distance and having a great time with our teams!

M2M 2013x

And speaking of teams, Team Sparkle was just THE. BEST. Conquering a race like that is made even more awesome when it’s done with wonderful friends. These girls made the day amazing and I definitely teared up as we ran the last o.3 miles together.

M2M 2013y

Wind block for the next runner!

M2M 2013p

Sparkle skirts made by our very own team member, owner of The Berry Patch

M2M 2013b

M2M 2013d

M2M 2013c

M2M 2013j


Finish a leg of the race, check your box!


A proper reward for finishing my miles!



My awesome guys surprised me at the end!

M2M 2013u

Team Sparkle – Market to Market 2013!

Love those girls. Loved the whole day. I can’t wait to do all it again next year!