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I am a sucker for Christmas movies, and even though we usually wait until after Thanksgiving to get out all things Christmas, we had good reason to watch a Christmas movie together as a family last week!

Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas is the newest Veggie Tales Christmas movie and it was a holiday hit with all of us!


Merry Larry & the True Light of Christmas is a fun story of a couple of veggies hired to decorate a mall for Christmas. In the process of dreaming up decor and decking the halls, they lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas until a little girl and an elf named Larry show them what is truly important.


We all gave the movie two thumbs up, but I’ll let the boys each tell you why they loved it so much…

I liked the movie so much because I liked that Si Robertson is in it! And I liked that he said, “That’s a fact, Jack!” I liked when the “yellow guy” put up the lasers in the mall. I liked that they all learned what Christmas is really about. ~Big J

I liked that there is a TobyMac song at the end! I loved the “starburst in a box!” I learned Christmas is a great time to help people! ~Little J

I also greatly enjoyed the character of Silas the Narrator, played by Duck Dynasty’s Si Roberston. He was a great storyteller and brought some fun sayings and humor to the story! The focus on helping others in the story was very clear and impacting to our whole family.

And yes, the music at the end was awesome! Veggie Tales has really had some great music to go with their latest DVDs, including Newsboys performing The League of Incredible Vegetables theme and Owl City + TobyMac with “The Light of Christmas” song at the end of Merry Larry!

Veggie Tales has all sorts of great extras to go with Merry Larry, including a $3 off coupon to use at a retailer near you, coloring sheets {#1, #2, #3}, and two fun crafts to do together here and here!

Which Veggie Tales holiday movie is your favorite?