My Shining Moment This Week

Yesterday, Big J walked up to me holding a brand new pair of underwear.

New underwear is a big deal with these boys. BIG deal. And yes, I’m talking about underwear.

Anyways, he wanted to know which Transformers character was on said underwear.

I took a look and narrowed it down to two characters.

{photo credit}

{photo credit}

“It looks like Ironhide or Sideswipe,” I said standing in the hallway outside the bathroom.

I turned to walk into the bathroom and saw the hubby beaming at me.

“That IS Ironhide. My wife KNOWS her Transformers characters. That is awesome.”

It felt like a rite of passage for me – I AM a boy mom and I embrace it with all that I am.

I even know my Transformers characters.

My shining moment of the week. What was yours?


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  1. Oh, how wonderful a moment in a mother’s life that is when she can relate to her boys on this level. Out of my sons, 2 out of 3 expect me to know every one of the following: Transformer, Pirate, Dinosaur, Scientist, sports hero, & most importantly: train in any given train series but mostly Thomas the Tank. And going all the way back to the beginning of Thomas. (Yes, even the 10 yo. He’s a closet fan, his friends would not expect that of some one so cool you know. 😉 )

    To feel that pride beaming off of your sons and husband, that you know who the character is spectacular. I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one to take such pride & excitement in something such as this, lol.

    By the way, the obsession in our home is all about Scorpinok & Bumblebee… but on days that we feel mischievous, it’s Mega Tron.

  2. Yay! You have arrived! You started my day with a smile.

  3. Valerie Brown says:

    That is too funny! Kevin does the same thing if I happen to know something about movies like Star Wars etc!!!

  4. When I learned the difference between a digger, front loader, bulldozer, etc.

  5. It was last week, watching Shark Week on Discovery. We were watching a show about the 10 deadliest sharks and they started talking about the sand tiger shark. I remembered the picture Kiddo had in his room of a shark we had taken a picture of in Gatlinburg at the Ripley’s aquarium and said, “That’s a tiger shark, isn’t it?” And Kiddo looked at me proudly and said, “That’s right!” Like he was the teacher and I was the student. : ) He KNOWS his sharks and loves it when I do, too. : )

  6. oh i remember those days. sadly my boys are 19 & 17 but i remember knowing all characters of power rangers, pokemon & their favorite disney stuff. now its knowing all things girly…having a little girl (6) i had to learn doing braids, lol. a total change from having boys.

  7. I love it! I have two older girls and one little boy and can already tell it will be a whole new world with him! Love your blog and glad to get to know you..thanks for sharing on the homeschool movie club facebook page!!

  8. Love, love, love! Definitely a moment worth celebrating!

    I had a similar experience discussing Star Wars with my oldest. He said the battle of Endor took place on Endor itself; I said it was one of Endor’s moons. Yesterday, I finally found the proof that I was right. It was a proud moment for me!