Never in a Million Years {I Ran a 10K!}

Had you asked me just a year ago whether I would ever be able to run a 10K, this would have been my exact response:

Never in a million years.

I proved myself wrong {and proved The Hubby right} this weekend.

Just two weeks ago, The Hubby texted to tell me I would be doing a 10K. In two weeks. He said I was ready. I laughed and then got very nervous.

But I signed up anyway.

And Sunday morning, along with one of my very best friends, I ran a 10K. And we RAN the WHOLE THING.

I feel like a rockstar.

And I’m very thankful for this verse I read the morning of the race and prayed throughout the run:

Those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint. ~Isaiah 40:31

He really did renew my strength throughout those 6.2 miles and we met both of our race goals – running the whole time and beating our pace goal!

Here are a few shots from the day…

Picking up the pace as we approach the finish line!

Our official time was 1:07:55 – well under our goal!

These kiddos made me feel like the most awesome runner in the world at the end of the race! What a blessing!

Are those not the cutest signs ever?!

There is no way I would have run the whole time, or had as much fun as I did, if I hadn’t been running with this girl! Love you, friend!

Sweet baby cheeks to greet me at the end!

Nothing in my life has made me feel stronger than running this 10K – except for that whole childbirth thing!

And the guy who believed in me in the first place. Honey, you were right and I can’t thank you enough for gently pushing me into doing this! You make a great coach and I love you!

Thanks to all of you who prayed for me this week as I was battling my sore knee and the flu, and for all of the encouragement on here, Facebook, and Twitter! I’m so grateful for your love and support!

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  1. You are awesome! Now, are you up for 13.1???

    • Ha! How did I know you would ask that?! I would definitely do another 10K, but I’m not so sure about the half! We’ll see!

  2. Congratulations! The pictures are great and you are amazing! You are inspiring us all.

  3. So impressed with both of you. A great achievement!

  4. Oh, I love the photo with your boys holding the signs–how cute!! How sweet of your hubby to support you like this. Congratulations!!!

  5. Awesome job! I hear ya on the whole “I would never do that!” My never do that is Saturday, 13.1! I will be reading and repeating that verse to myself numerous times during my race! Great job!!