The No Brainer Wardrobe {What I Wore & What I Want to Wear!}

Every woman should be able to choose an outfit in much less than ten minutes regardless of her plans for the day, the state of the weather…or her laundry. Meaning, when your feet hit the floor in the morning–you should be thinking more about the delicious cup of coffee that awaits than whether you will look cute in your clothes.

Did that get your attention?!

It got my attention and I think it would be hard to find a woman who WASN’T intrigued by that intro!

I first read wardrobe advice from The Tiny Twig {a.k.a. Hayley} during her “31 Days to a No Brainer Wardrobe” series. To be perfectly honest, it was the only 31 days series I read every single day of because it was so fun and insightful!

Well, Hayley took that series, added on, spruced it up, and turned it into a fabulous new ebook – The No Brainer Wardrobe!

Reading this ebook is like chatting with a wise and honest girlfriend about fashion for women with REAL lives. Hayley walks you through the “whys” behind developing a no brainer wardrobe, and then follows it up with the “how” – action steps that will guide you through the whole process.

Looking at my closet often stresses me out. I want to pare it down, but I like having variety. I have trouble getting rid of things I don’t wear. I used to be really bad about buying clothing just because it was a “really good deal.”

The No Brainer Wardrobe ebook has been like a friend holding my hand and telling me over and over again, “You can do this!”

My two favorite things about this book?

#1 – The pictures. Whether you have a similar style to Hayley’s or not, the photos she uses to lay out pieces you need and outfit ideas are so helpful. You can read all the wardrobe advice you want, but pictures are the only way to SEE what you should be looking for! Hayley makes it very clear that you are NOT to go out and buy the exact pieces from her photos – take the ideas and make it your own!

#2 – The action steps. Reading a chapter on purging your closet is all fine and good, but if you don’t do anything about it, your closet will stay exactly the way it is! This ebook has actions to take for every step along the way. They are well-defined, fairly simple, and essential to getting to your no brainer wardrobe!

I would be jumping into every one of the action steps laid out by Hayley right this very minute but…

I’m about seven weeks away from having a baby! Kind of hard to purge the closet of clothes that don’t fit when nothing fits right now, but it might in a few months!

The important thing is, because of this ebook, I WANT to get rid of clothes and work on a WARDROBE that works for me, not just random, inexpensive clothing here and there!

I really hope every woman gets a chance to read this ebook because it is so much more than I could describe here! It is not about spending a lot of money on clothes or about how you HAVE to look cute every day. Hayley’s goal with The No Brainer Wardrobe is to help you feel good about how you look AND cut down on the time it takes you to put together an outfit each day. AMEN to that!

Here is some fun news for you…

The first TEN readers to buy The No Brainer Wardrobe and use the code BOYS at checkout will get the ebook, regularly priced at $7.99, for HALF PRICE!


Hayley is giving away two copies of The No Brainer Wardrobe right here, right now!

Just leave a comment sharing your biggest obstacle to achieving a no brainer wardrobe! Do you have too many clothes? Not enough? Not sure of your style? Tell me and be entered to win!

Two random readers who comment before MIDNIGHT CST TONIGHT {Wednesday, January 11} will win!

Can’t wait to read your comments! Good luck!

And THANK YOU to Hayley for writing this fantastic ebook and sharing it with all of us!


*Disclosure: I received a review copy of this ebook. I was not compensated in any way for this post and all opinions are 100% my own!

**If you need inspiration in finding your style, check out “What I Wore Wednesday” every week at The Pleated Poppy!

The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks eBook


  1. Love this idea! I would definitely love to simplify my wardrobe! I am not a shopper. I usually buy basics but don’t know how to put them together well except for jeans and a shirt. Would love this book!

  2. I would love to read this book! I feel as though I don’t know what looks good together, let alone what looks good on me. Also I am afraid of color when it comes to me & lean too much on neutrals. I wish I could be slightly less boring 🙂

  3. My biggest problem with my wardrobe is that I’m not sure what exactly my style is and I have too many clothes I don’t like to wear still!
    I would LOVE to read this book!!!

  4. Ever since I first heard about this book, I knew I needed it! “Random pieces of inexpensive clothing” just about defines my closet. Almost all of my shirts are knit pullover style. Solid color. I have a few button down shirts that I love, but don’t wear much. I have zero long sleeve shirts. Zero! I have one dress that looks good on me – but it’s for fancy occasions, not everyday wear. I have two pairs of blue jeans that fit, two more that almost do. And a bunch of twill pants that are too dressy for the shirts in my closet. Yeah…my closet needs help!

  5. It can be difficult to find clothes that both myself and my husband like. I was just thinking recently that I need to declutter and clean out my closet. 🙂

  6. My biggest obstacle is probably that I have a limited selection of clothes, some of which need to be replaced and a limited budget to do it. I need some advice on the order of my priorities! This book would be really helpful!

  7. That intro totally caught my attention! My biggest headache with clothes is that I want to be stylish, comfortable, classic, and I am just not sure how to mix all those together!! You look beautiful, Erin!

  8. Oh goodness this book sounds like it would be a blessing to my closet! I could use help in figuring out my style and spicing it up a bit. I tend to wear the same thing over and over again because it fits or is comfy but I don’t even necessarily like what I’m wearing. So yes, this girl & her closet could use some serious help!

  9. It usually takes about 30 minutes for me to find an outfit I am willing to leave the house in. I have had 3 babies in the last 3 years, and my body is…well, quite different. I have really only bought maternity clothes and “in-between” clothes over the last 3 years, so I wear those to hide my belly that isn’t shrinking as fast as I would like, togther with a random mish-mash of ill-fitting clothes that I can’t bear to part with. I need help…

  10. (This is not a contest entry.) I just wanted to say that your cutest accessory in this photo is that handsome young man standing next to you! The cute face and the red sweater make the outfit really *pop*. I love your boots too. I can’t believe your due date is coming up so quickly.

  11. My problem is that I want to lose weight and only feel good in a few things. I know there’s more I just need to open my mind and find some good deals.

  12. My biggest obstacle is probably hanging on to clothes that just don’t fit me right. I’ll put on a shirt and then remember it’s too tight or not long enough to wear with jeans that are low-cut. If everything in my closet worked for me, getting dressed would be easier and quicker!

  13. I am too stingy to buy nice clothes for myself, so I have pieces that don’t go well with each other. This morning I tried on four different shirts to go under my sweater and two pants until I decided it actually worked ok (as long as I added a bright winter scarf). Sounds like a much needed educational tool for me!

  14. I’m like you, Erin, I buy inexpensive clothes (or get hand-me-downs) and I’m not sure of my personal style.

  15. My biggest challenge to a great wardrobe is that I only like to buy things on sale, and then I struggle with making things match! In terms of shoes, I could totally be a shoe person if my feet weren’t so hard to buy for (read this as EXTREMELY expensive!). I found a lovely pair of maryjane shoes yesterday that felt like butter when I put them on. Then the clerk told me they were $295! I just about fell over.

  16. Would love a copy! My biggest problem is I’m a hoarder–I have stuff that’s super old, that I keep thinking I might wear once… blah!

  17. This book would be so good for me. I am almost 28 weeks pregnant and I really need to purge out my closet now and after the baby comes. Other than that, I think I just have some problems hoarding, which is why purging and this book would be great for me 🙂

  18. My biggest problem is that I tend to buy items that are “generic” (simple shells, turtlenecks, plain pants) but then have nothing to dress them up with. So I guess you could say I don’t have a style. Plus, I hate shopping for clothes.

  19. My biggest obstacle is finding the time to SHOP! If I do it online, I can often get good deals, but not always the right pieces or sizes and I end up with a mishmash. Going into the stores I hate doing, especially with kids. So definitely finding time to shop is the hard part!

  20. I need wardrobe help! I just had my second baby in less than 2 years and right now everything is too big or too tight. I have 2 pair of jeans that I feel good in…one pair is slightly snug & the other is maternity! I’m hoping to update my wardrobe soon and this seems like it’d be helpful!!!

  21. I think my biggest challenge is not having clothes that fit. It’s hard to figure out what to wear when most of it doesn’t fit right.

  22. My biggest challenge, without a doubt, is the fact that I’m in a wheelchair.

    Making that even more difficult is the fact that I have a rare disease known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome, which makes my leg extremely sensitive to touch.

    Oh yeah, and I’m plus sized.

    If anyone can top THAT combo, please, go for it! LOL!!

  23. This book sounds awesome. I certainly need some help!! Occasionally Ill come up with something cute, but usually get frustrated and end up in a hoodie and jeans! Lol

  24. I am so the queen of inexpensive clothing all over the place, but no real wardrobe. After four kiddoes I am so in need of a wardrobe makeover and this seems like a great resource to lead me through it!

    p.s. you look pretty great for 33 weeks prego, Erin!

  25. I would love this book. My biggest problem is mixing and matching outfits. Also finding different colors that match. I wear the same outfits over and over.

    Love your blog!! 🙂

  26. My biggest obstacle is clothes that mix well, look good on my body, and I feel comfortable in. I have a lot that fits, but doesn’t necessarily flatter.