This post just completely wrote itself at the end of last week.

Part 1:

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

It was NOT me who started an afternoon of baking last week only to discover a BUG. IN. THE. FLOUR. And it was NOT me who freaked out a bit and threw out every bit of flour in the house.

And it was NOT me who continued the baking extravaganza with items that did not require flour of any sort only to run out of brown sugar in the middle of a cookie recipe. And no, it was NOT me who got really giddy when I discovered a way to substitute the brown sugar I was missing with things I already at home! No, no excitement over baking ingredients here.

And to continue the baking escapades, it was NOT my earring that dropped into the completed cookie dough – just to top off the whole experience.

Part 2: (it’s been quite a week when you have a two-part Not Me! post)

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

So, it was NOT my child who decided he needed to wear underwear under his shorts.and over his shorts.and on his head.all at the same time. And it was NOT my child who wanted to dress his brother in the same manner AND leave the house that way. And of course it was NOT me who squelched his plan and creativity by keeping the underwear monster at home.

And it was NOT my child who taught his younger brother to say “stupid” – a forbidden word in our house. No, this did NOT end in the younger brother uttering the phrase “Stupid Mommy” over and over again in the car. Nope, my children know much better than that.

Finally, it was NOT my child who was having a wonderful time at the park, running and playing and PEEING IN FRONT OF A FAMILY ON A PICNIC, all while holding an open bag of cheese crackers in the other hand. And it was NOT me who was oblivious until one of the dads we were with brought it to my attention.

Yes. My name is Erin and I am a mother of boys.

What did NOT happen to you this week? Let’s have a good laugh over the not-so-perfect moments in life!