Welcome to Not Me! Monday, also known as “Erin’s Weekly Confession Time!”

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I mean, NOT my confession time.

It was NOT me who forgot to send Father’s Day cards to our dads until the very last minute Saturday. And by last minute, I do NOT mean that I was addressing the envelopes as the mailman pulled up. So it is NOT our fathers who will be getting their cards today…or tomorrow…

And it was NOT me who bought a bag of Heath candy bars to make these sinful cupcakes, only to eat the candy bars all day long because I haven’t actually gotten to the cupcakes yet.  And it is NOT me who will probably have to go buy another bag since I am not making them until Friday now…

Summer 2010 017

It was also NOT me who wore a brand new dress to a baby shower this weekend only to have the strap snap as I sat down in the van to go home afterwards.  And it was NOT me who then proceeded to run over a bunny on the highway on the way home from the shower.  Nope, NOT me at all. Oh, and I also did NOT totally enjoy being part of a very girly baby shower! (More on the fun tomorrow!)

And it is NOT me who has stayed up WAY too late every night now that the hubby is home on break, just watching movies, snacking and acting like we don’t have children that get up at the same time in the morning no matter what time we go to bed. I obviously know better than that. (But who wouldn’t want to stay up and spend time with this handsome face around?!)

Summer 2010 010

Lastly, it was NOT me who had just a little freak out during our day of thunderstorms yesterday when, within a matter of seconds, we saw a huge flash, heard an even bigger clap of thunder and had our smoke detector go off. No, I stayed perfectly calm through that…right… (We found out later that lightning struck the ground just three or four houses down from us, leaving a huge hole and blowing sod up onto the roof of that house!)

Ok, your turn! What DIDN’T you do this week?

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