Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Well, it was NOT me who wanted to take advantage of the hubby’s time home from school to get some awesome guest posts from him…

And it was NOT me who was totally shocked when he wrote FOUR in one day…

And it was NOT me who laughed out loud at this post and knew it needed to be posted as a warning to all of you before July 1st arrives…

And it is NOT me who would love to take credit for writing this post…


A word of caution from the hubby.

Did you know that July is the month when 3rd year medical students start their rotations in the teaching hospitals around the U.S.?

So there we are, fresh from two years of academic curriculum, ready to show our skills on the unsuspecting patients of the hospital.

Do you know who we report to?

First-year residents also start in July. Fresh from 4 years of medical school – an M.D. degree to show for it, but not nearly ready to practice medicine on their own. And these residents are in charge of the medical students!

Next in the hierarchy – attending physicians, annoyed that they have to train a fresh crop of students and residents that have no idea what in the world they are doing.

Why do you think they call it practicing medicine?

So if you live in a city with a teaching hospital, be wary for a few months. We care very deeply what we’re doing, and we care about our patients. And seriously, we know what we’re doing. Kind of.

But if someone says, “I don’t really know what I’m doing” or “I’m sure it’ll go better than my last one,” be a little scared.

But it’s your fault – you got sick in July.