The last four years, we’ve had it really good during the holidays. With The Hubby being in medical school, Christmas break was two weeks long for all of us. We could travel to both families in no particular rush with plenty of time leftover to enjoy some time off at home as well.

Now, we have entered the residency world.

Forget The Hubby’s two week vacation – he’s working on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day! And when I tell people that, the most common responses involve that being a bummer for our family.

Sure, it IS somewhat of a bummer, but let me tell you why it’s not bothering me as much as I thought it might.

This is our life now, and one that God called us to, which makes it just right for us. It’s hard to be bummed when you know you are right where God wants you!

The real bummer would be having to be IN the hospital on Christmas. Instead of moping about The Hubby’s work schedule, I’ve been praying for the patients he will be seeing this week. And I’ve been praying for him to be a blessing to them, both on medical terms and otherwise!

Actually, I’m quite excited about some new family traditions we are starting since we will be home on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…

  • Homemade pizza for Christmas Eve dinner after church, followed by a Charlie Brown Christmas and reading Luke 2!
  • Chocolate chip scones for Christmas morning breakfast – the boys LOVE these and it will be surprise for them!
  • Brinner on Christmas night!

We’ve always read Luke 2 on Christmas Eve, but this year we will be doing it home! And we’ve always made a birthday cake for Jesus, but usually it is at Grandpa and Grandma’s house! We baked the cake today and will eat it tomorrow! The boys will open their stockings when they get up in the morning, then we will open presents after The Hubby gets home from work!

Even though it doesn’t look the same as in years past, we are getting to celebrate with extended family as well. The Hubby’s parents were here over the weekend and we’ll be travelling to see my family after Christmas!

Here’s a little look at our home in the days leading up to Christmas this year…

While we’re celebrating here at home, we wish you a blessed Christmas, wherever you may be!