Well, I guess I’m just continuing the breakfast food theme here this week as part of Mindee’s Pinterest Post Party {every Tuesday and Thursday in May if you want to join in}!

When I see the words “easy” and “bread” in the same recipe title on Pinterest, I get very excited.

Carbs sure are wonderful, aren’t they?

Not only did this banana bread recipe claim to be easy, but it also involved a cake mix! Cake mix recipes are some of my favorites because they require so much less measuring!

{Sometimes I just want to be a lazy baker, ok?!}

This Easy Banana Bread recipe from Artsy Fartsy Mama lived up to its “easy” claim one hundred percent! And I would add YUMMY to the title, as well!

Just a few notes for you and for myself next time I make this bread {because there WILL be a next time}:

1. In the recipe, she says you can use two small loaf pans or one large one. I used one loaf pan and needed to bake it much longer than the suggested time.

2. I used three ripe bananas and 3/4 chocolate chips.

3. I think these would make excellent muffins {with a shorter cooking time}!

4. This banana bread is more dense than most recipes I have tried. It was nice to not have it fall apart everywhere when I picked it up!

I highly recommend you give this a try!

And please share any other treats you like to make using a cake mix {because I really need more sweets to tempt me, right?}!

P.S. After two years without, we entered the smartphone world once again this week.

Hello lovely…

Maybe I’ll do an iPhone-related Pinterest post next week! Now, excuse me while I go back to obsessively taking pictures on Instagram…