Today is the first link-up for the Plants Grown Up linky over at the MOB Society!

Plants Grown Up is an AMAZING resource for parents of boys with tons of projects to guide sons along the road to manhood. Each month, boy moms will be linking up to share the projects they have done with their boys and I am so excited to learn from them!

Our first project came from the beginning of the book, in the section entitled: “Leadership: Justly Judging in Discipline Situations.” With a four-year-old, our activities will be taken from the Beginner category at this point.

We were already proud owners of an If-Then Chart (from Doorposts, as is Plants Grown Up), so I was happy to see it utilized in the Plants Grown Up projects.

Our project is an ongoing one at this point involving the chart. Here are the projects from the book we are working on:

*The chart lists categories of misbehavior (disobedience, defiance, lying, etc.), followed by Bible verses that discuss the behavior. The last column is left blank for your family to write in consequences for each behavior. There are suggestions on the back of the chart, but every family and every child is different.

*We have talked through the chart, clearly explaining the misbehavior and consequences, all in light of God’s Word.

*We are working on memorizing each of the verses on the chart. We are using a different translation – again something that is different for each family. I am actually trying to memorize the verses myself to help me be consistent in discipline – and when I have them memorized, it will be easier for the kids to memorize!

*When there is a “calm” moment around the house or I have some one-on-one time with Big J, I like to talk him through what might happen in certain situations. It is good for both of us to do this when we are not in the heat of the moment!

*Two Bible stories we will be checking out next to go along with this theme are:

  • Jethro’s advice to Moses in Exodus 18
  • Solomon’s judgement in 1 Kings 3:16-28

Discipline is a hot button subject, but I’m just curious about how YOU lay it  all out – not HOW you discipline but how you help your children understand it all – sin, consequences and the like! Please share!

And link up your own activities for your boys over at the MOB today – even if it’s not from Plants Grown Up!