The doorbell rang. After I checked to see who it was, I let Big J open the door for his grandparents. He gave them both hugs and then asked if he could take their coats. {Only my dad was carrying one, but he had the right idea!} After we had all greeted on another, he asked if he could get anyone a drink.

Good manners make me happy.

They have nothing to do with salvation or righteousness, but they just make me feel good, both when I practice them myself and when I witness others doing the same.

We have always tried to teach good manners to our children, but we feel the time has come to put our guys through a little “Manners Boot Camp” of sorts.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any early morning “please and thank you” drills, but we’re taking the next two months to study and practice manners of all kinds in all situations! The scenario above was just a little trial run of what we’ll be practicing and putting into practice!

I couldn’t think of a better time to do this than around the holidays. Not that manners shouldn’t be exhibited at all times, but the holidays provide lots of dinners and parties and outings that other times of the year don’t, so we will seize this opportunity to help our guys grow as gentlemen!

A few resources we will be using along the way…

Manners Made Easy: A Workbook for Student, Parent, and Teacher – This book will be the basis for all of our lessons. Plans include Scripture references, Bible lessons, worksheets, and lots of role playing activities! I’ll share more on it once we’ve gone through a few lessons!

Plants Grown Up – This handbook for raising godly men from Doorposts covers many topics, but we’ll be focusing on the chapter on Manners during this time!

If Everybody Did – This picture book was recommended in another Doorposts resource, For Instruction In Righteousness, for use as an illustration of how good manners and unselfishness can go a long way!

Boys and Manners: 104 Things Your Boys NEED to Know – I got this ebook  a while back when it was free for Kindle, but hadn’t looked at it until a few weeks ago. It’s a great little resource for both you AND your boys to read.

I’m getting things all set up to start our “boot camp” on Monday!

Do you have any other tips or resources you love for teaching manners?


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