I’m training for a half marathon right now. It’s my fourth in two years, so this isn’t new to me, but following a strict, 12-week training program is. On my schedule each week are at least four days of running, one more day of easy running, cross training, or some “fun” exercise, and two days of rest.


It’s kind of weird to see that word written so concretely on a plan for becoming a better runner. It doesn’t say “rest – if you want to” or “rest – if you feel tired” or “rest – optional.” It says “rest” and offers no other option.

I know Jesus tells us to come to Him when we are weary, but what about coming to Him for that rest He offers…BEFORE we need it?

Resting Before We Need It

Join me over at Thrive Moms today to read about resting before we need it in my first post as part of their blogging team! You will LOVE the heart and encouragement happening at Thrive Moms! I am so honored to be writing with those lovely ladies!