If you’re new around here, several other homeschool moms and I are reading through Sally Clarkson’s Seasons of a Mother’s Heart and discuss a chapter each Friday right here! If you are a homeschool mom, you WILL want to check out this book – great encouragement and topics to make you think!

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On to this week’s chapter…

Do you ever get to the end of one of these chapters and think “Where do I begin?!” I’m so glad we’re doing just one chapter a week because I don’t think I could properly digest each chapter much quicker than that!

To help myself, I underline A LOT and then go back to review what was important to me in the chapter. Underlining is my best friend with Sally’s books!

This week, a quote and three questions caught my attention the most:

“A well-educated person will be useful to God only if he is focused on God’s purposes.”

I’ll be honest: this quote brought major conviction my way. We started out our homeschool year with great morning devotion time EVERY morning with Our 24 Family Ways. It set a great tone for our day.

But somewhere along the way, that time has fallen by the wayside and I can TELL. We have NOT been focused on God’s purposes as much – it’s been more about getting through the day. I don’t like it one bit.

Something has to change.

So now I have the three questions Sally follows up that quote with spinning in my mind. I’m ready to get out my homeschool planner and revisit the plans we have made with these three questions in mind:

1. What do I want my children to know?

2. What do I want my children to be?

3. What do I want my children to do?

Sorry – I don’t have this all figured out to share with you. And even if I did, each of our lists would look VERY different – no copying and pasting goals and visions from someone else! God gave MY children to ME and YOUR children to YOU for a reason!

I’m thinking I need a little “retreat” time to think more thoroughly through these questions and I definitely want to continue to look at them throughout the year so I don’t lose focus of where we want to go as a family.

These questions would be great for ANY parent to think over – not just homeschool families. So I’m going to go think about them now…

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