Second Saturday Seeds is a monthly feature about my wonderful Relevant conference sponsor, Seeds Family Worship! I already talked about Seeds all the time before, so it is great to do it as an official representative of them! Please take the time to visit them – your family will LOVE their music!

Guess what?!

Mr. Jason Houser – yes, the genius behind Seeds – will be writing a song for the next album based on a verse submitted by fans!

To add to the fun, he will write the song live this coming Thursday, October 14th!

AND the pre-orders for Seeds’ sixth album, Seeds of Character, will also start next week!

Wow, that’s a lot of excitement!

So first of all, you must tune in Monday over here to learn more about the pre-order and the live writing session.  Trust me – you want to check it out.

Secondly, you can submit verses for consideration RIGHT. HERE. All verses submitted in the comments of this post will be handed over to the writing team to be considered for the Seeds of Character album!

And one of you who submits a verse will randomly be picked to win a pre-order of the new CD! THAT is worth submitting a favorite verse!

So which verse do you think NEEDS to be on the Seeds of Character album? (And YES you can submit more than one!)

Can’t wait to read your verses and be inspired! And would you tell your friends to hop over here to enter as well?! Thanks so much!

And how about a BRAND NEW song to round this out?! Jason and the team premiered this at the D6 Conference and I personally think it ROCKS. Enjoy!