Ok, no one expects a whole lot of health food around the holidays, right?

I actually did really well not overeating this year – until New Year’s Eve. And then I sat around the food table with the girls – BIG mistake. Sitting by the food, not sitting with the girls.

But it was all so yummy…

PW’s Holiday Bacon Appetizers, which friends have nicknamed “Meat Candy”

Martha Stewart’s White Chocolate Gingerbread Blondies

Crescent Pizza Rolls – a treat for the hubby

And the next day, I decided to make a little treat for the hubs as well, which I’m linking up to Tasty Tuesday with Jen over at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam (FABULOUS blog)!

The hubby loves the Italian Nachos at Old Chicago, but we try not to eat out very often and I knew I could throw together something similar at home!

Get ready – this is a really technical recipe…(yeah, right!)

Homemeade “Italian Nachos”

I started with a layer of festive holiday tortilla chips on my baking stone and topped them with a sprinkling of shredded mozzarella.

Next, I added some crumbled turkey sausage ( I LOVE turkey sausage!)…

And a layer of pepperoni.

Sliced black olives…

And sliced mushrooms were next…

Before one last thicker layer of mozzarella!

I baked all of this on the pizza stone at 350 degrees until the cheese was nice and melty, about ten mintues or so and…

Voila! Homemade Italian Nachos! To add to the “Italian” flavor, these are great served with warm marinara for dipping sauce!

Did you make or eat anything delightful for New Year’s? I love new party food recipes, so please share!