Our kiddos love the zoo.

We are fortunate to have a lovely children’s zoo and a larger, full-scale zoo near us. We frequent the children’s zoo several times a month.

Gibbons, wallabies, camels, these beautiful new flamingos –

Summer 2010 007

A wide assortment of fun animals.

But none of them are the favorite at our house.

No, THIS is their favorite animal at our zoo.

Summer 2010 022 

Hi, boys and girls! I’m Leo the Paper Eating Lion. Paper! Paper! Paper! I just loooove paper!

Yes, it is a talking, paper-eating fiberglass lion in a cage.

I’m Leo the Paper Eating Lion. Roooarrrr! Oh, don’t be scared, all I eat is paper.

And the kids flock to him.

Summer 2010 019Summer 2010 020

Seriously, our children start planning what they will feed Leo at the beginning of our walk through the zoo, even though Leo is most decidedly near the end.

But trust me, it is better to save those wrappers and paper towels along the way than deal with a child who has nothing to feed Leo.

How does Leo work?

1. Insert paper, wrapper, etc. (but no leaves from nearby trees please).

Summer 2010 026

2. Gleefully watch Leo suck it right up.

Summer 2010 027

Who needs the squirrel monkeys and llamas when you have a talking garbage can named Leo to feed?

And did I mention he’s been around since 1965?

Looking good at 45 Leo!

Do your kids love the zoo? Have a favorite animal?