I don’t know if I’ve openly admitted this on the blog before, but my love language is GIFTS.

Please don’t stop reading because I’m so shallow.

I felt very blessed with the wonderful gifts I received this year and here are just a few of my favorites…

My lovely li’l sis put together this beautiful collage of her and I from her wedding in August!  I teared up – each picture is so precious to me!

My in-laws gave me this AWESOME book. We love to travel and already own the international version of this book, but this one is much more practical and will be a blast to go through as the boys get older and we go on more family trips! I was also super excited to receive a stock pot from them! (Yep, I get excited about stock pots!)

I have never owned a cake stand. Or a punch bowl. Maybe not a big deal to most, but I love to entertain so this 6-use cake stand/relish tray/punch bowl was the perfect present from my parents! It already got used on New Year’s Eve! They also got me this SWEET new kitchen gadget – in my favorite color, of course!

And the present of all presents this year – a Special Edition Keurig from the most amazing hubby ever. It has been used multiple times a day since we’ve been home, and with all the caffeine, my motivation level has gone through the roof! He know how to get a girl a present!

But the blessings of the holidays went far beyond just presents…

81. SIXTEEN days of having the hubby home!

82. Watching my boys wrestle and tackle and roughhouse with Daddy.

83. Hearing the boys talk with excitement about Jesus’ birthday.

84. Time with family we hadn’t seen in three years.

85. Lots of Grandpa and Grandma time.

86. Date night with the hubby while grandparents babysat!

87. Amazing coconut shrimp during above-mentioned date night!

88. Safe travels.

89. Only one of us threw up over this holiday!

90. Watching the boys enjoy swimming as much as Daddy does.

91. Getting together with friends who don’t live nearby.

92. Family dart gun nights!

93. White Chocolate Gingerbread Blondies.

94. Laughing so hard I almost…never mind…

95. Time with MY grandparents.

96. Time and motivation to clean and organize.

97. Lots and lots of football.

98. Reading the Christmas story with the boys on Christmas Eve.

99. Ringing in the New Year with good friends.

100. “The Lord has promised us good things.” Numbers 10:29