I am rooming with three lovely ladies I have never met in real life in less than a month at Relevant and I couldn’t be more excited! These three women are Gather Inspirit team members with me and they are each so wonderful.

Thanks to Brooke and Michelle, I have a chance to warn them about my quirks with this fabulous top ten list.

So Amy, Chele and Marci – here you go…

1. I have a very loud laugh. And I love to laugh. My apologies in advance.

2. I am a Husker fan through thick and thin.

3. I shed. I will try to pick up after myself.

4. I may randomly break out in song. As a former music teacher, I relate almost everything to music. Watch out.

5. I remember names and faces really well. Sometimes that freaks people out. I find it quite useful.

6. I will talk your ear off about Seeds Family Worship. I feel very strongly about good quality, Scripture-based music for our children and even if they weren’t my sponsor, I would still tell anyone and everyone about them.

7. I’m addicted to HGTV.

8. I used to talk in my sleep. I don’t really know if I do anymore because my hubby is such a heavy sleeper. I guess we’ll find out!

9. Amy and I are both from South Dakota. Even though I’ve lived in Nebraska for 10+ years, I still sound somewhat “northern,” especially to you southerners. And I think there will be a lot of those at Relevant. And no, Fargo is NOT is South Dakota.

10. I CANNOT WAIT to meet and hug each of you (and ALL of the ladies coming to Relevant!). You already have a special place in my heart. That’s right – lots of hugs coming your way. You’ve been warned.

27 days to go…